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Instagram Diary…Christmas Edition

Well, the Christmas break is almost over. All that excitement and it’s over in a flash. How was the big day for all of you? What did you get? I hope it was fabulous. I figure the best way to beat those post Christmas blues is to relive the best bits in a picture post. So here is a sneak peek at this year’s festivities. Let me know what Christmas looked like for you via Tweeting, Facebook or commenting below!



1. Kicking off the sparkly season with a bit of gold glitter. Trust me when I say it got EVERYWHERE.

2. Colourful chocolate wrappers mean Quality Streets and Quality Streets mean Christmas.

3. The desired destination of the gold glitter was actually my nails. Look how they turned out! I used Barry M polish and Topshop glitter.

4. Pre-Christmas purchase. Floaty New Look top.

5. Twas the night before Christmas and in the name of tradition, I’m watching a Christmas Carol, the Muppets edition! 

6. Letting my inner child take over on Christmas Eve by tracking Santa via NORAD.

7. The gifts awaiting me on Christmas morning. Almost to pretty to open. Almost.

8. My surprise present was Urban Decay’s Naked 3 palette. Very sneaky Mamma Smith!

9. Christmas selfie of my eye makeup, thanks Naked 3!

10. Fresh nails using my new Nails Inc Fibre Optic Effect glitter in Hampstead Court.

11. Only a few days after Christmas and a trip to Meadowhall was made to spend my gift cards. This wine coloured top is from Topshop, £38….

12.… As is this little stripy number £32.

13. I’m usually more of a pink lippy kinda girl but this MAC frost finish caught my eye. New York Apple. 

14. To top it all off I was very excited by the arrival of my train tickets to London for a March visit to see Les Mis on the West End. Let the countdown begin…

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Jemm xoxo


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Instagram Diary…



1. Coveting this iridescent Topshop clutch. 

2. Love a trip to the hair dressers. Bouncy curls.

3. Heard lots of good things about Beauty Blenders so thought I’d give them a try.

4. Was excited at the arrival of my ASOS bobble hat. This will keep my ears toasty warm this winter.

5. Rimmel eyeshadow primer. 

6.Company Magazine getting all glittery for December.

7. Loving this lip colour in Company’s beauty feature.

8. At 25 years of age is Macaroni Cheese still an acceptable dinner choice? Oh well.

9. Monsoon notebook. Perfect present for a glitterbug.

10. Feeling all Christmassy seeing decoration everywhere. 

11. Nails. Spent ages fishing stars out of a glitter nail polish bottle. 

12. Screw you Starbucks! Costa Christmas cups. 

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What has your week looked like?

Jemm xoxo

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Instagram Diary


1. Back in love with Essie’s Fiji nail polish with tanned hands.

2. I have a bit of a thing for stars and crescent moons so I couldn’t resist these super cute Topshop midi rings. (Sorry can’t remember how much they cost!)

3. Never before owned a pair of tan coloured sandals, until now. These pair were a bargain from Faith.

4. Got these two MAC lipsticks, Please Me & Honey Love, FREE, yes free by swapping 12 empty eyeshadow pots as part of the Back 2 MAC scheme. Happy Jemma!

5. Been after some holographic effect nail polish for ages. Found this one in Urban Outfitters.

6. Polka dot nails…

7. … to match my polka dot dress!

8. Mamma Smith and I at a family wedding in Southampton.

9. Family ladies together striking a pose.

10. Pretty purple wedding cupcakes, don’t mind if I do.

11. I love you too Costa.

12. Lastest Jemm Frances Reads post. The Universe Versus Alex Woods by Gavin Extence. If you’re looking for your next book read here first.

13. Current nail fashion. Illamasqua Obsess polish with a Topshop glitter fade.

14. Sometimes it’s just got to be done. Pink, sparkly Krispy Kreme.

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What’s been happening with you this week?

Jemm xoxo


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Instagram Diary: Christmas time.

I’ve only just got round to posting this now as I went on holiday with my family on boxing day and only got back on the 3rd, but here are some Instagram snaps of my Christmas time.


L-R: Satchel bag from ASOS.com, Bookworm quote, Sticky chicken lunch, Essie Beyond Cosy, Collection of Charles Dickens Christmas Books, Aunty L’s mince pies, Lush Snow Fairy, Nails Inc Nail Jewellery in Pink Diamond, Glass heart, Christmas biscuits, Nephews new tortoise, Visiting my nephews, Holiday ready nails, Quality Streets naughty but nice, Christmas wrapping, The big lunch, The cheesecake, Tenerife weather, Poolside, Sun Beach, On my return I headed straight to Topshop this is my latest purchase, Topshop Plume, Heart nails, Tweet tweet looking for new people to follow.

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Jemm xoxo

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So what have we all been up to then?

Before I even say hello I’m going to kick this post off with an apology. I have been somewhat absent from the blogging scene lately what with one thing and another. I was away on holiday and then had other projects to dedicate my attention to when I got back.

I haven’t posted properly in quite a while due to feeling a little bit ‘blah’ about blogging. The intention was there but sadly the motivation was not. I’d find myself staring at my Mac screen having no idea on what to say/write and I admit that lasted for quite a while. Blogging started to feel forced and therefore stopped being fun, and if a hobby isn’t fun why do it? 

However over that past couple of weeks I’ve got my shiz together and the urge to blog has returned to me along with some new ideas. Happy days! So lets just view this little absence as a blog-cation (vacation for your blog.) A chance to have a rest and re-charge those blogging batteries. Normal posting will now resume and I can’t wait to get back into it.

So we can have a little catch up I thought I’d post a little Instagram diary of what I’ve been up to 

Click to enlarge

L-R: The first two rows of pics are from my holiday in sunny Tenerife. A perfect two weeks. Next up it’s myself and Mamma Smith, The first thing I did on my return was head to Costa for a hazelnut latte, A Cath Kidston keyring from my sis, New Mac shadows in Cranberry & Sketch, My face, Latest Topshop purchase, Cute nails, New tattoo, Latest read, Tea time :), Fresh makeup face, Dad brought a bag back from Vegas made entirely from recycled barcodes!, Along with half a Dollar I’m thinking of turning it into a bracelet, Already feeling Christmassy with this star filed bauble, Glittery nails, New Topshop polish in Brazil, Big Ben Pandora charm, had my hair dip dyed over the weekend, Getting in the Halloween spirit with nibbles and a pumpkin carved for a Halloween wedding. 

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What have you guys been up to? Anyone been dressing fancy for Halloween? 

Jemm xoxo

P.s New post coming at you on the morrow.

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Week In Pictures

L-R: Piccolino’s in Sheffield, Yummy lasagne, My fave dessert tiramisu, Chilling in my pj’s watching tv, Summers here!, Cloudless sky, Rocket lolly, Size is Just a Number post, Flower blooms, Tandoori chicken burger lunch at Zest with a friend, Cute ‘ Good luck with your operation’ card, Essie in Lovie Dovie, Waldo Pancake products make me laugh, Here comes the sun, Hardcore door curtain to keep the wasps out, Barbecue and smoked paprika roasted new potatoes, BBQ time, This weeks Polish Post nails, Customary Costa Hazelnut latte, Getting my blood sucked at the hospital before my op, Friday night Chinese meal.

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Jemm xoxo

P.s Won’t be able to blog for a week or so as I’m heading into hospital tomorrow for an operation. Should be confined to the hospital for about a week (Urgh!) so I won’t be blogging till I get back home. As soon as I’m back I’ll get back too it. Have a lovely week whatever you’re up to.


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Week In Pictures

L-R: Sparkly crystal butterfly, Costa Vanilla cooler, A massive chunk taken out of my Topshop Lipstick in Clueless, grrr, My glittery compact mirror, Tea time, Half of me, Topshop aztec pj’s I ordered, One of my favourite ever quotes, Blogging, PostThe age of iPhone ignorance,’ My local Boots finally has Essie, Moi, Topshop charity bracelet, This weeks nail polish binge, Topshop delivery, My funky aztec pj shorts, The polish I was rocking this week (post) Mum’s cute new dish brush, Lovely flowers, ASOS delivery of my leopard print bikini, Baking scones.

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Jemm xoxo

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