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Instagram Diary…


1. Now that there is a bit of a chill in the air I thought It about time to invest in some A/W jumpers. Fell in love with this fluffy cropped jumper from Topshop.

2. Couldn’t resist these pretty oil spill earrings and cute midi-rings, Freedom @ Topshop.

3. This little book caused uncontrollable giggles in the card shop.

4. The great iOS 7 wait….

5. What does everyone think to iOS7? It took 5 hours to download onto my phone! I rather like it though.

6. Another jumper, this time in hot pink. Just the colour to brighten up dull winter days.Β 

7. These chocolate and red velvet cupcakes were just too good.

8. Teamed my new fluffy jumper with my tulle strappy midi dress also from Topshop. Meal out to celebrate my big bro’s birthday.

9. Lasagne and chip tea. So good I could have eaten it twice.

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What has your week looked like?

Jemm xoxo


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Instagram Diary

First of all let me apologise for not posting in a while. These past few weeks have been a little weird and I just haven’t had the opportunity to sit quiet and write a proper post. Hopefully things will get back to normal soon and I’ll be able to blog ASAP.


1. Model of the moment Cara Delevigne. Bit of a debate on my Facebook, no one seems to think she’s pretty but I wouldn’t mind looking like her! Thoughts?

2. ASOS package that cost Β£25. Bargain.

3. Costa.

4. Ferrero in little egg form. Bliss.

5. I’m no cook or anything but can I just say, I make damn fine scones.

6. Had my eye on these Topshop crayons for a while. This particular one is called Mystery.

7. Started using this Nivea primer. So far so good.

8. Multi coloured fade nails. Wasn’t to sure about these at first but they grew on me.

9. You go on a bit of a journey when you read The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry. A touching story and a nice easy read.

10. Book binge. New Jodi Picoult, The Storyteller. I’m sure once I’ve read this I will be posting about it in a Jemm Frances Reads post.

11. An emotional trip to the hairdressers resulted in four inches being chopped off my hair. I want my long gypsy hair back!

12. Me and the best friend drove round the block twice so the milage would read 23456. We then performed an emergency stop to take a picture as proof. Sometimes we’re just a little bit strange.

13. Bunnies. Well ’tis the season and all that.

14. Confetti nails. Love these, but by jesus the glitter takes for-freaking-ever to dry!

15. Got myself in the kitchen and made Lasagne for tea. The best part was I didn’t even food poison anyone. Winner.

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Jemm xoxo


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Week In Pictures

L-R: Piccolino’s in Sheffield, Yummy lasagne, My fave dessert tiramisu, Chilling in my pj’s watching tv, Summers here!, Cloudless sky, Rocket lolly, Size is Just a Number post, Flower blooms, Tandoori chicken burger lunch at Zest with a friend, Cute ‘ Good luck with your operation’ card, Essie in Lovie Dovie, Waldo Pancake products make me laugh, Here comes the sun, Hardcore door curtain to keep the wasps out, Barbecue and smoked paprika roasted new potatoes, BBQ time, This weeks Polish Post nails, Customary Costa Hazelnut latte, Getting my blood sucked at the hospital before my op, Friday night Chinese meal.

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Jemm xoxo

P.s Won’t be able to blog for a week or so as I’m heading into hospital tomorrow for an operation. Should be confined to the hospital for about a week (Urgh!) so I won’t be blogging till I get back home. As soon as I’m back I’ll get back too it. Have a lovely week whatever you’re up to.


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