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Heart Your Hairdresser…

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Today I’ve been to the hairdressers.

So what right?

To anyone else that’s a totally unremarkable statement, but to us ladies, the fabulous hair having kind, we know the state of nervous excitement an appointment with this important person can cause.

I haven’t gone for a dramatic new cut or colour, in fact I’ve gone for the same style and hue as usual, but I still get that buzz of anticipation when I put my treasured tresses is someone else’s hands. This is why the value of a good hair stylist can never be underestimated. In our lives plenty will come and go but eventually, if you haven’t already, you’ll find ‘The One.’

Sound familiar? While I was sat in ‘The Chair’ I reflected on the relationship we have with these hair-carers. It is based on trust and mutual understanding, which is kinda like the relationship we have with boyfriends. I think I’ve found the one. Hairdresser that is, not boyfriend. Ewww, please I’m only, like, twenty-five.

As the old adage goes, you have to kiss a few frogs before you find your prince and similarly you have to let a few crazy chop-a-lots loose on your locks before you find the stylist right for you. It’s all about learning from your mistakes and trust me when I say I’ve had some dodgy ex-hairdressers in my time.

Like, how about the one who barcoded the back of my head with blonde streaks (c’mon I was a teen) only to ignore her error because hey, I couldn’t see the back of my head anyway!  Or the one who moonlighted as a daylight robber on the side by charging me a fortune for a cut I didn’t even want? Ex’s for a reason ladies.

But rising gloriously from the ashes of these bad experiences like a beacon of hope for hair is my current stylist Leanne. Leanne has been tending to my tresses for about 9 years now and I swear I’ve never looked at another hairdresser since. Even while at university I’d travel home on weekends so my hair could be looked after by none other than Leanne. Long distance can totally work. Having anyone else touch my hair would have been tantamount to cheating. I tried to explain this to a friend who suggested I find somewhere new to get my hair done like everyone else who’d moved away to uni. Say what? Mad cow.

You see Leanne just gets my ‘long hair don’t care’ attitude and understands the simple concept of a trim (you’d be surprised by how many hairdressers don’t.) She knows what I want before I ask for it and knows what not to suggest (i.e. a cut bigger than a trim.) She’s stood by me through some tough times like having the beloved black stripped from my hair, my hard to maintain ‘red’ phase and my latest dip dye dilemma and never judged. Honestly I feel our friendship is all the stronger for it.

When it comes to hairdressers you know you’ve found ‘The One’ when you find yourself anxiously making a contingency plan for the day they won’t be able to cut your hair. What if I move away? What if Leanne moves away? Has a career change? What if I’m forced to have my hair cut on a Tuesday (her day off?) What if I need my locks colouring while she’s off getting married in Ibiza this May? What if after getting married she has kids, stays in Ibiza and never comes back to the salon? What if a zombie apocalypse happens? What if an ACTUAL apocalypse happens? WHAT WOULD I DO THEN???

Sorry, wound myself into a total bitch fit there. Note to self: back up plan required.

A successful trip to the salon can make the world of difference to a girl’s state of mind and overall happiness. After all, look good feel great right? But the person responsible for these miracle mood boosters gets a bit of a rough deal. A good hairdresser slaves away over your barnet for hours on end for a parting “Thanks, I love it!” while you reap all the rewards of their hard work. So credit where it’s due and in celebration of our upcoming 10 year anniversary, Leanne Bradley, snaps to ya babe, snaps to ya! 

For all those yet to find ‘The One’ don’t throw up your hands and buy a home hair dye kit just yet, stick with it. Your Mr/Mrs/Miss/Ms Perfect Stylist is out there somewhere. You have to suffer the bad and incompetent to get to the great and the good. The positive advice I can give is trust your instincts and never settle for less than you deserve. When choosing this relationship you definitely want to follow your head. 

Jemm xoxo

P.S. If you found this post by Googling ‘Finding The One,’ yeah, you’re totally in the wrong place. Unless of course you’re looking for a new hairdresser.  


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Blogs I Love…#2

This time last November (or there a bouts) I posted about the blogs I love. Twelve months on, I think its time to compile an updated list. A blogs I love #2.

To see the bunch of brilliant blogs I (still) heart, such as Pixiwoo, WishWishWish & Couture Girl, click here.

These chilly evenings spent in the house with a DVD and your laptop can seem a little boring if you’ve got nothing new to entertain you. If, like me, you get sick of looking at the same sites over and again there is nothing better than making a new blog discovery. Something different and fresh to feast your eyes on and while away the hours with. Blogs that are creative, up to date and enjoyable with a lovely friendly blogger making it all happen.

Well, fear not. No matter what your cup of tea, be it beauty, fashion or lifestyle you’re bound to find a blog you love amongst my little lists. Just don’t blame me come Sunday evening when you realise you’ve frittered away an entire weekend clicking around the blogosphere.  Happy reading.




Yorkshire beauty blogger Georgia Cutts is back on the blogging scene after a small hiatus. GRGCTTS (now it’s own domain) has a new look and lots of exciting things in the offing. From this self taught makeup artist and MAC girl you can expect loads of looks you’ll want to recreate, and the blog will provide all the know-how in the form of product reviews, tutorials, YouTube videos, lifestyle posts and Instagram pics that will make you green with envy at what this girl can do with an eyeliner brush and brow pencil.  



Twenty six year old Hanan provides you with a little bit of everything over on LoveHanan.com. Lifestyle posts detailing her time spent out and about at events, from food to music Hanan takes you along for the ride with her own pictures too. Her beauty and fashion posts contain reviews, how-to’s, discussions and advice. What I really love about this blog is that the home page makes your reading experience easy and enjoyable. Each section of the blog is separated into its own part. Don’t feel like reading a beauty post? No problem! Just avoid clicking the beauty button. Feeling like something more life based? Click lifestyle instead! I look forward to reading more from Hanan in the future.




I love clicking on to InTheFrow.com, a girly, friendly, pretty corner of the net. Manchester based blogger Victoria certainly knows her stuff being a fashion doctorate graduate, she runs this lovely blog in her spare time. Predominantly fashion and beauty you will find reviews and tutorials on cosmetics, hair, nails and skin care as well as outfit and how to wear posts. But that isn’t all there is to discover on InTheFrow. Carry on clicking to find life posts, videos, travel and event diaries and wish lists. Brilliant for inspiration and ideas.

Cosmetic Crave

Screen Shot 2013-11-20 at 11.49.18

Screen Shot 2013-11-20 at 11.49.11

Welcome to Cosmetic Crave, a beauty blog (hence the name) run by Hannah. Hannah has created the only place to go if you’re looking to have a beauty binge. If it’s a new product you need look no further for ideas than Cosmetic Crave. Hair and nails are a fave on this blog along with product testing, new finds, tips and tricks, haul posts, bargain buys and guest blogging. Hannah is lovely to chat to so if you have a question send her a tweet!


Screen Shot 2013-11-19 at 19.20.05

Screen Shot 2013-11-19 at 19.20.46

Gh0stParties is a charming blog with beautiful photography brought to life by Kate. A pleasant place to visit I love this blog for its wide variety of post topics. The life section contains picture posts, life updates, tips and advice on blogging to photography to being more organised (another list lover like myself!) Click the ‘Inspiration’ tab for room tours and home interiors, head over to ‘Food’ for mouth-watering pictures, restaurant reviews and food diaries. The ‘Beauty’ and ‘Style’ tabs house reviews, lookbooks, hauls, outfit posts, affordable alternatives (which I love,) sneak peeks into events and how-to’s. The posts are endless and the blog is wonderful. If you’re not familiar with it already, it’s a must click.

So there you go, an updated look at the blogs I love. These are just some of the blogs I have saved to my reading list and visit on a regular basis. I believe there is nothing better of an evening than sitting and catching up on all the latest posts. When there is nothing on the telly and you feel like taking a break from Twitter I hope this post has helped direct you to some of the prettiest, friendliest, most entertaining and informative blogs in the blogosphere.

All the links will be added to my blogroll (right hand side of the page) so will be available for clicking whenever you fancy. Don’t forget to check out these bloggers on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, BlogLovin, Tumblr, Instagram etc etc, (phew!) for hours more entertainment! You’ll find those links on their respective blogs.

Ciao for now bella’s.



P.s I hope you like the new header, felt like going for a more simplistic look for the time being. 

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My MAC Pro Palette…

I posted up a picture of my complete MAC Pro Palette on Instagram the other day (I also tweeted the pic) and I received some comments and requests asking if I would post about it on here.

I am by no means a beauty blogger and don’t generally post either fashion or beauty content, I suppose my blog falls more into the lifestyle category with opinion pieces, book reviews and picture posts etc but since I love MAC so much and almost risked third degree burns de-potting my shadows, I thought why not do a quick post about my palette since some lovely people asked so nicely. 

This isn’t really going to be a review of each individual shadow just a peek at which ones I have and what they look like. After de-potting all of the individual eyeshadows I held onto the little plastic pots and returned them to a MAC store as part of the Back 2 MAC scheme, where for every six empties you get a free lipstick and MAC get to recycle all the plastic. 



I ordered my palette from MACcosmetics.co.uk and it is a large single pro palette with a 15 slot insert. Palette £14.00 and insert £6.50.



From the top, left to right: Vapour (Velvet), Steep, Shroom (Satin), Naked Lunch (Frost), Patina (Frost), Woodwinked, Mulch (Velvet), Amber Lights (Frost), Sumptuous Olive (Veluxe Pearl) , Charcoal Brown (Matte), Brun (Satin), Satin Taupe (Frost), Sketch (Velvet), Cranberry (Frost), Swish (Frost)

I swatched the shades but the lighting was terrible, I tried every room in the house and even went outside and still the colour and shimmer of the shadows didn’t show up true to life. Like I’ve said I’m not a beauty blogger so don’t possess all the technical tools that go with like a decent camera and lights etc,but I’ll post the pic up anyway so you get a rough idea. Like a complete idiot I missed out Mulch (eye rolls) but when I complete my second palette I’ll include the swatch in with that one. 



The lightest nude shades such as Vapour and Naked Lunch hardly show up at all, but believe me they’re there, if I’d had better lighting conditions maybe they would be more visible. At the minute my faves are Woodwinked, Sumptuous Olive, Patina and Swish but this can change quite regularly depending on what I’m wearing day to day. 

It’s taken me a while fill the palette as the eyeshadows aren’t cheap but I’m really pleased with it and think the shadows are well worth the money. It’s not like I need any more but I can’t wait to add to my little collection! 

What are your favourite MAC shadows? Do you have a palette? 

Jemm xoxo


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Instagram Diary: Birthday Edition!



1. Since last weekend was my birthday weekend I went a bit sparkle heavy on the nails. 

2. Cheeky selfie of my birthday outfit. Topshop jumpsuit. All ready for a night out with the girls.

3. This is my best friend Helen, she’s been a through a lot this year and handled it like a true warrior princess, BFF kisses. Mwah!

4. Chocolates. These made up my birthday breakfast.

5. Wooooo! I received lots of Debenhams beauty card gift vouchers all loaded with moolah to spend in MAC, Urban Decay & Illamasqua etc. My peoples know me so well.

6. Went out for an Indian with family to celebrate, here’s a sneaky pic with Mamma Smith.

7. My twin and I blowing out the birthday candles.

8. Red velvet birthday cake. Was yummy!

9. Dad heres a word of advice, if you leave £10 laying around I will take it to Costa and put it to good use. Thanks though.

10. Used my Debenhams cards to buy these lovely goodies… MAC eyeshadows (Clockwise) Swish, Naked Lunch, Charcoal Brown, Mulch & Sumptuous Olive. I now have more eyeshadows than pro palette spaces. Another palette it is then…

11….Urban Decay Naked 2 palette.

12….MAC Myth lipstick.

13.… Vera Wang Lovestruck perfume.

14. Pretty pink eyes with my new Swish shadow.

15. Went to see The Conjuring. Scary business. Good film though. Prepare to be spooked.

Find/Follow me on Instagram @ JemmFrances

Have a wonderful week!

Jemm xoxo

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Instagram Diary & A Quick Note…

Hi guys!

It’s been a while hasn’t it? Lately the time seems to have run away from me and whenever I’ve sat down to write a post I’ve either hit a literary wall (literary, not literal, ouch!) or I have been distracted by something else. I know, bad blogger. But I am happy to report that I’m working on a post that should be up at some point during the week. 

Also, this Instagram Diary contains pics from the last two weeks as I tried to post up last Sunday but for some reason my WordPress account was acting all kinds of hell crazy and barred me from posting on my own blog. Rude. 

Anyway, enjoy and keep your eye on the fresh post popping up on here soon. 


1. MAC Candy Yum Yum. Have been coveting this for WEEKS and had to order online in the end. £14. 

2. Had my hair did. If only it would look like that without me having to do anything.

3. New Ralph Lauren specs. It’s scandalous that it costs an absolute fortune to not be blind.

4. Longest plate ever. Surely you get shorter runways.

5. So I figure it’s like this: there are 365 days in a year and in this country only about 9 of them will be sunny so you have to eat the McFlurries while you can.

6. Since the glasses cost a small fortune I better wear this pair.

7. Stop the press! A latte that wasn’t from Costa that I actually enjoyed. Shock face :-O 

8. In my opinion stupidly expensive for a lipstick but it had to be done at least once. Estee Lauder Crystal Honey.

9. New Jumper. Wallis.

10. Bunnies! Sunny day at Clumber Park.

11. Hoop earrings. River Island. I checked that I didn’t look like Tina McIntyre or a big fat gypsy bride before purchasing. 

12. Phone’s new outfit.

13. Oh hi pink lips! 

14. I have discovered the Illamasqua counter in Meadowhall. God help us all, but mostly me. 

15. Bright leopard print nails. Combination of Topshop, Illamasqua, Essie & Models Own polishes. 

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Have a happy week.

Jemm xoxo

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Last Few Weeks In Pictures

I’ve been a little disorganised with the blog lately and haven’t had a chance to pop up my Week In Pictures post for the past couple of weeks, so here is my last few weeks in pictures just in case any of you were wondering!

L-R: Recent beauty buys- Models Own Brush bag -Real Techniques shading brush- Topshop Blush -M&S blush -Topshop highlighter, Nails, Birthday month double points Boots voucher, Weetabix and honey my new obsession, Physio time, Pretty prisms, I will be in this holiday destination in 3 weeks time, 50 South African Rand, Frankie & Benny lunch, Hazelnut latte, New top, Ginger ale, Naughty chocolate cake, Moi, Birthday sparkler, Birthday cake :), Cards, Presents, Birthday card from Mamma Smith, Slice of cake and candles, Jean Paul Gaultier Classique, Birthday flowers, Handbag chocolate, Birthday night face/outfit, Reading, Glitter fade nails, Topshop card, Sleeveless biker jacket, Topshop glitter polish, New holiday flip flops, Getting bikini ready, My local pub serves Kangaroo & Wild Boar (wtf?), Current nails, Flowers in the sun, Wearing my bargain flip flops, J K Rowling quote.

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Jemm xoxo

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Week In Pictures

L-R: This week I passed the 500 followers mark on Twitter-Wooho, New nail art brushes from Amazon that I can’t wait to try, Customary Costa Latte, Giant biscuit, This weeks beauty buys: Benefit Porefessional (look for it in Debenhams as they have it at duty free prices)- Barry M Lippy- VO5 Moisture Soak Elixir, Barry M lipstick in 140 & 62 (2 for £7 in Boots), Me this week, Tea time, Relaxing with a big glass of tomato juice, Helping Mamma Smith pick out paint colours, Pretty flowers, Accidentally matching my dress & lipstick to my phone case, Ginger Ale, Cheese and mushroom sarnie, Bright pink lipstick day, Getting ready to go out, Lighting up the candles, Does anything beat fresh bedding?, Friday night curry.

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Jemm xoxo

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