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Instagram Diary…



1. Pink and polka dots kinda day.

2. Pretty poppy for Remembrance Day.

3. Can anyone confirm If Big Ben is missing it’s clock face?!

4. New autumn lippy. Topshop lips in Wicked.

5. Mmmmmm buns.

6. Stars on a stick. I love sparklers.

7. Can you see the rainbow?

8. Just the thing to warm me up #addicted.

9. Todays makeup & fluffy jumper look.

What have you been up to this week? 

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Instagram Diary…


1. Les Mis tickets arrived, now too excited for next March. #London

2. Lemon Cake. The jury’s out. Bit too lemony for my liking.

3. Topshop tassels.

4. Might be a bit early but where advent calendars are concerned you snooze you loose. Now giddy for Christmas festivities. 

5. Old school sweets. I didn’t eat them. Those violet things are poison I tell ya, POISON.

6. I can see a rainbow, see a rainbow, see a rainbow too…

7. Can’t beat a chocolate muffin.

8. Wrapping up warm in this horrid weather. Definitely jumper and coat weather.

9. Costa love.

10. Waited so long for this. New Diane Setterfield Bellman & Black. Will more than likely see this up asa Jemm Frances Reads post in the near future. 

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Jemm xoxo

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Instagram Diary: Week In Pictures



1. Up at 3am doing some blog writing by hand. Why do all the best ideas happen in the middle of the night?

2. Yummy Katsu Curry lunch at Rice with Mamma Smith.

3. And a cheeky slice of Coffee & Walnut cake. 

4. Scarf and bag from Primarni. £4 & £6 respectively. Bargain.

5. Latest MAC eyeshadow obsession, Satin Taupe.

6. Two new MAC shades in Pink Pearl Pop and Hue. Bringing the grand total of mac lipsticks I own to a ridiculous amount.

7. Pretty rainbow shining in the morning, then gale force winds battered the same afternoon.

8. Glittery nails. I went a bit OTT with the sparkles. About 4/5 coats worth of OTT.

9. Fishtail plait done by my hairdresser. The only person brave/patient enough to bother. 

10. Latest ‘Jemm Frances Reads…’ post. The Night Circus is a definite fave. Have a read of my review here.

11. Costa on the go. I just can’t help myself.

12. Me, having a good makeup day. Ladies, admit it, we all have them. Like good hair days.

13. It was a polka dot dress and a leather satchel kinda day.

14. Planning a little excursion to Newcastle with the BBF over a pizza lunch, as you do.

15. Les Mis, sunday afternoon viewing.

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Instagram Diary



L-R: Customary GEEK t-shirt, Skull Earings, My Ombre Hair, 2B or not 2B, Hair Bow!, Pretty Fairy Lights,Our Christmas Tree, Naughty Or Nice, Huge Rainbow, MAC Plink Lipstick, Topshop Galaxy Print Skirt, Going Out For Chinese With The Family, My Copy of Charles Dickens Christmas Carol Thats Almost 120 Years Old, Pancakes, Clothes Show Tickets, Cupcake Bath Bombs, Clothes Show Goodies, Tatty Divine Necklace,Barry M & Models Own Red & Gold Glitter Fade Nails, Chocolate Costa Muffin.

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Week In Pictures

L-R: Watching the second series of Downton, Pre op appointment at the hospital, Daisy, Me, Jubilee fever, War Horse, This weeks nails, Made in Doncaster (hometown,) Hazelnut Latte at Costa, New midi  dress from Topshop, My two delightful nephews Joseph and George, Rainbow, Blogging, Pearl collar and my new food obsession pesto new potatoes.

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 Jemm xoxo

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