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Instagram Diary…



1. Verdict on Malteaser McFlurries. Not very Malteaser like. But tasty non the less.

2. My current read. Storyteller The Life of Roald Dahl.

3. Chocolate cornflake cakes. Childish but yummy.

4. Looking a bit bright in my pink jumper.

5. Cinema to watch The Call. 

6. Pretty cupcakes.

7. Chocolate Orange latte. tastes like a liquid Terry’s Chocolate Orange. Thanks Costa.

8. Thats my name…

9. Striking a pose with my bog bro.

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How has your week been?

Jemm xoxo


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Instagram Diary….



1. Topshop triangles 

2. With the weather turning slightly chillier a hot vanilla latte is just what I need.

3. Naughty Costa muffin.

4. Purple & leopard print selfie.

5. Chinese! My favourite albeit weird combo of veg spring roles, plain noodles, chips & gravy!

6. Bad Jemm, cheeky chocolate bar while watching Whitechapel.

7. Pretty cup & saucer set, how very Downton!

8. Topshop dress. Was undecided on this one for a while but bit the bullet and brought in the end!

9. Was super excited to see the poster art for the upcoming film adaptation of one of my favourite books, The Book Thief. Keep your eye out for this one folks, looks set to be a good one.

10. Topshop coat. Wanted this for ages!

11. Ready for a lunch & cinema date with the twin.

12. Insidious 2 at the pictures.

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Jemm xoxo

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Instagram Diary: Birthday Edition!



1. Since last weekend was my birthday weekend I went a bit sparkle heavy on the nails. 

2. Cheeky selfie of my birthday outfit. Topshop jumpsuit. All ready for a night out with the girls.

3. This is my best friend Helen, she’s been a through a lot this year and handled it like a true warrior princess, BFF kisses. Mwah!

4. Chocolates. These made up my birthday breakfast.

5. Wooooo! I received lots of Debenhams beauty card gift vouchers all loaded with moolah to spend in MAC, Urban Decay & Illamasqua etc. My peoples know me so well.

6. Went out for an Indian with family to celebrate, here’s a sneaky pic with Mamma Smith.

7. My twin and I blowing out the birthday candles.

8. Red velvet birthday cake. Was yummy!

9. Dad heres a word of advice, if you leave £10 laying around I will take it to Costa and put it to good use. Thanks though.

10. Used my Debenhams cards to buy these lovely goodies… MAC eyeshadows (Clockwise) Swish, Naked Lunch, Charcoal Brown, Mulch & Sumptuous Olive. I now have more eyeshadows than pro palette spaces. Another palette it is then…

11….Urban Decay Naked 2 palette.

12….MAC Myth lipstick.

13.… Vera Wang Lovestruck perfume.

14. Pretty pink eyes with my new Swish shadow.

15. Went to see The Conjuring. Scary business. Good film though. Prepare to be spooked.

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Have a wonderful week!

Jemm xoxo

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Instagram Diary…

All this glorious weather we’ve been having this past week has made me loath to sit at my computer any longer than necessary and instead I’ve been out making the most of the sun. Whatever you guys are up to I hope you’re enjoying the sunshine too!


1. I recently posted about Moving on and Making Friends, if you missed it find it here.

2. Liquorice Allsorts, just couldn’t resist.

3. Hate it when this happens to eyeshadows. Waaah! Had to get another as I use this colour a lot. 

4. Also consoled myself with is pretty Topshop eye trio in ‘Atmosphere.’ 

5. New Topshop Jamie jeans. They cut off just above the ankle so look great with sandals in this weather.

6. I’ve been wearing this Topshop white daisy print tee a lot since I brought it. So floaty and cool. Had so many compliments on it too.

7. Become obsessed with midi rings. Always late to the party but better late than never!

8. I’ve been in desperate need of new sandals for a while but wasn’t prepared to spend a fortune. Picked up this pretty pair from River Island for £30. So sparkly in the sun.

9. Printed top, New Look.

10. How tiny is this Fab? make sure you don’t pick up the mini versions in the shops, you’ll be disappointed!

11. El scorchio weather, been out in the sun getting a tan with my factor 30 on!

12. Paid a visit to the Yorkshire Wildlife Park on Monday. Can’t believe I live so close but have never been before. The Giraffes were my favourite. Well worth the money. If you live close enough to visit, its a must.

13. Become obsessed with these wafer biscuits in Costa.

14. I might be 24 but I still giggled all the way through Despicable Me 2 like a child. 

15. My sister sent me this Ariel picture with the message “I saw this and thought of you” So does that mean she thinks I have too much make up?!

16. Latest read. Started it two days ago and finished today. Something a bit different for me but thoroughly enjoyed. The Book of Lost Things by John Connolly.


18. Lighting up the darkness with a candle. 

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Jemm xoxo

P.s Was hoping to get a Jemm Frances Reads post up soon but I have a pretty busy week ahead. Going down to Southampton for a family wedding this week so will get the post up as soon as I’m able. 

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Instagram Diary: Week In Pictures




1. Finally upgraded my phone, long overdue. Hello shiny new iPhone 5 🙂

2. My fabulous new Topshop boots. Saw them. Tried them. Brought them.

3. The sparkly phone case I received for Christmas that now doesn’t fit thanks to my new iPhone 5 😦

4. Back to blogging, expect a new post tomorrow.

5. New galaxy print phone case. This one actually fits an iPhone 5. Happy days.

6. Mamma Smith surprised me with mint M&M’s. 

7. Yes, that’s right, I said MINT M&M’s!

8. Coffe & Walnut cake. My first ever tasting. It won’t be my last.

9. How cold has it turned? Everyone should should go to Costa and drink a latte to warm up.

10. Boots haul. Tangle Teezer Aqua Splash, VO5 Hot Oil & Miracle Concentrate, Real Techniques Lash Brow Groomer & Cosmo Mag

11. Every issue of Company Magazine since 2008. Time for a clear out? Nah.

12. New obsession with sweet potatoes and salad.

13. Black and white me.

14. Mamma Smith split the TV screen in two. Queue momentary panic before Corrie.

15. Latest nails. Black with pink glitter fade. Essie & Nails Inc.

16. Cinema time with the bestest. The Impossible is a brilliant film. Go see.

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Jemm xoxo


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