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Instagram Diary: Christmas time.

I’ve only just got round to posting this now as I went on holiday with my family on boxing day and only got back on the 3rd, but here are some Instagram snaps of my Christmas time.


L-R: Satchel bag from ASOS.com, Bookworm quote, Sticky chicken lunch, Essie Beyond Cosy, Collection of Charles Dickens Christmas Books, Aunty L’s mince pies, Lush Snow Fairy, Nails Inc Nail Jewellery in Pink Diamond, Glass heart, Christmas biscuits, Nephews new tortoise, Visiting my nephews, Holiday ready nails, Quality Streets naughty but nice, Christmas wrapping, The big lunch, The cheesecake, Tenerife weather, Poolside, Sun Beach, On my return I headed straight to Topshop this is my latest purchase, Topshop Plume, Heart nails, Tweet tweet looking for new people to follow.

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Jemm xoxo


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Christmas Wish List…

December is upon us, today I opened the first little door on my advent calendar, (cant believe I’ve been organised enough to actually buy one this year) and this means that exciting times are ahead, because, in the words of Noddy Holder “it’s Christmaaaaas!” 

Well almost. And like any self respecting lover of this holiday season I’ve made myself a bit of a list. We’ll gloss right over the fact that I’m 24 and getting just a tad too old for this yule-tide tradition, what’s Christmas without a list?

Writing your wish list is always fun, however I do tend to get a smidge carried away, but I reckon its a woman’s prerogative to have expensive taste. 

I already know one of the presents I’m getting this year and that’s a holiday to Tenerife on Boxing Day (as far a presents go not too shabby) so I’m really not expecting to get much in the way of anything else this year but the clue is in the name. A girl can wish right?

1. Downton Abbey Series 3 DVD Boxset.

Screen Shot 2012-11-30 at 14.55.19

2. Paperblanks Diary 2013

Screen Shot 2012-11-30 at 15.00.40

3. Topshop Gift Card


4. Boots Gift Card


5. Company Magazine Subscription


6. Dorothy Perkins Fashion Collar


7. Books


8. New Camera


9.Galaxy Print iPhone Case


10. MAC Goodies


It’s always good from a nosey persons perspective to know what’s on everyone else’s Christmas wish lists. Would love to know what you’ll all be asking for this Christmas so leave a comment in the box. For your sake I hope you’ve all been nice!

Jemm xoxo

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So what have we all been up to then?

Before I even say hello I’m going to kick this post off with an apology. I have been somewhat absent from the blogging scene lately what with one thing and another. I was away on holiday and then had other projects to dedicate my attention to when I got back.

I haven’t posted properly in quite a while due to feeling a little bit ‘blah’ about blogging. The intention was there but sadly the motivation was not. I’d find myself staring at my Mac screen having no idea on what to say/write and I admit that lasted for quite a while. Blogging started to feel forced and therefore stopped being fun, and if a hobby isn’t fun why do it? 

However over that past couple of weeks I’ve got my shiz together and the urge to blog has returned to me along with some new ideas. Happy days! So lets just view this little absence as a blog-cation (vacation for your blog.) A chance to have a rest and re-charge those blogging batteries. Normal posting will now resume and I can’t wait to get back into it.

So we can have a little catch up I thought I’d post a little Instagram diary of what I’ve been up to 

Click to enlarge

L-R: The first two rows of pics are from my holiday in sunny Tenerife. A perfect two weeks. Next up it’s myself and Mamma Smith, The first thing I did on my return was head to Costa for a hazelnut latte, A Cath Kidston keyring from my sis, New Mac shadows in Cranberry & Sketch, My face, Latest Topshop purchase, Cute nails, New tattoo, Latest read, Tea time :), Fresh makeup face, Dad brought a bag back from Vegas made entirely from recycled barcodes!, Along with half a Dollar I’m thinking of turning it into a bracelet, Already feeling Christmassy with this star filed bauble, Glittery nails, New Topshop polish in Brazil, Big Ben Pandora charm, had my hair dip dyed over the weekend, Getting in the Halloween spirit with nibbles and a pumpkin carved for a Halloween wedding. 

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What have you guys been up to? Anyone been dressing fancy for Halloween? 

Jemm xoxo

P.s New post coming at you on the morrow.

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Week In Pictures

L-R: Trinket box present all the way from the States, Leopard print dress & leather jacket look for tea out with a friend, A shot of my super long hair, Rice lunch, Nasty cut: beware cardboard shoes boxes kids!, MAC make up haul, MAC Pretty Please, Miss Selfridge top, River Island dress, Topshop necklace, Urban Outfitter polish in Studio 54, New Topshop boots, Nails, Day time make up look, Pretty flowers, Holiday list so I don’t forget to remember, Leopard dress for a shopping day, Hazelnut latte, I want this dress!, The heat in Tenerife I’ll be there next tuesday, New MAC Face & Body foundation in C1, Shirt shorts & blazer combo, Fridays face, My nails latest look, Spag Bol for tea, Doodling stars is what happens when you put a pen in my hand, Wish I had a Megan Fox body for my holidays, Current reading material.

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Jemm xoxo

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Last Few Weeks In Pictures

I’ve been a little disorganised with the blog lately and haven’t had a chance to pop up my Week In Pictures post for the past couple of weeks, so here is my last few weeks in pictures just in case any of you were wondering!

L-R: Recent beauty buys- Models Own Brush bag -Real Techniques shading brush- Topshop Blush -M&S blush -Topshop highlighter, Nails, Birthday month double points Boots voucher, Weetabix and honey my new obsession, Physio time, Pretty prisms, I will be in this holiday destination in 3 weeks time, 50 South African Rand, Frankie & Benny lunch, Hazelnut latte, New top, Ginger ale, Naughty chocolate cake, Moi, Birthday sparkler, Birthday cake :), Cards, Presents, Birthday card from Mamma Smith, Slice of cake and candles, Jean Paul Gaultier Classique, Birthday flowers, Handbag chocolate, Birthday night face/outfit, Reading, Glitter fade nails, Topshop card, Sleeveless biker jacket, Topshop glitter polish, New holiday flip flops, Getting bikini ready, My local pub serves Kangaroo & Wild Boar (wtf?), Current nails, Flowers in the sun, Wearing my bargain flip flops, J K Rowling quote.

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Jemm xoxo

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Adios Amigos

Right, well the time has come, in a few hours time I will be jetting off to Tenerife. Sorry to rub it in for all of those staying home, try and make the best of this crappy weather.

I won’t be posting for a wee while, try not to miss me too much 🙂 I will try my best to get a post up after I come back but before my operation.


That's me on the beach there! Can you see me?!

Speak soon,

Jemm xoxo

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An explanation of my imminent absence

I started this blog because I love writing, in my own style and in my own way, and about whatever takes my fancy. Throughout my uni years I half-heartedly attempted other blogs then got fed up of them after a couple of posts, never knowing what else to write about. I’d also loose confidence after a few posts and think “bugger this, who cares about what I write?” I then got inspired and started writing this blog and I swore to myself that I would keep it up with regular ideas and posts. I stopped thinking “bugger this” and started thinking “bugger them” because if people don’t care what I have to say then they don’t have to read the blog, I began writing this blog for me, not for other people and I think that is where I have gone wrong in the past. The fact that I have so many people telling me they like and enjoy reading my blog is just a very lovely bonus (so if your one of them thank you.)

But being the kind of person that I am (not weird, just slightly obsessive compulsive) I put pressure on myself to make sure every post is the best that it can be. When I don’t post for a while I feel guilty and I have a nagging thought at the back of my mind that says “Blog, blog, blog!” I beat myself up about it but I take that as a good sign. It illustrates that I actually give a shit about this blog and that I enjoy writing it. I mean it’s not on the scrap-heap of blogs past yet is it?

I’m saying this because I know I haven’t had a proper post up in a while and I’m feeling a bit guilty about it. I promise that one is on it’s way so keep your eye out for it next week. I also wanted to take this opportunity to say that once that post is up there might not be another one for a little while. Heres why.  In about a week I jet off to Tenerife for two weeks (happy days!) I could always take my Mac with me and blog from abroad but I wouldn’t want to get sand in my laptop or drop it in the pool right? After these glorious two weeks I head home for another jam packed two weeks of normal-ness full of six months worth of things I won’t be able to do after my operation which is scheduled for the 1st November. The op is a pretty big one so it might take a couple of weeks for me to feel in touch with reality again.

On the bright side, once I’m out of hospital I will have a whole fabulous six months of not being able to go anywhere or do anything normal thanks to a big, heavy metal cage thing attached to my leg, this equals plenty of time to sit at home and blog! Every cloud has a silver lining eh?

So for anyone that occasionally checks the blog over the next few weeks I haven’t forgotten it, I’ve just got a lot going on over the next month or so. I will try my best to get a post up before the op but those two weeks after I come home from Tenerife are going to be pretty hectic.

So there. There might not be that many posts over the next month or so and I just wanted to try and ease my guilt by letting you know I have not abandoned the blog and also to apologise for my absence to anyone that reads my posts.

Look out for the new post next week, then keep your eye out for the following posts which will probably contain tirades about hospital food, daytime telly, and the fact that I will no longer be able to wear jeans, leggings, jeggings, tights and other general winter fashions due to the ‘Cage Of Doom’! Fun Fun!

Ciao for now.

Jemm xoxo


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