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Instagram Diary…



1. On Monday’s we wear stripes…

2. This week I’ve discovered that Victoria’s Secret is my new fave shop. Move over Doutzen Kroes!

3. Taking advantage of the sale with this cute body mist/fragrance set. 

4. New ‘in handbag’ makeup bag. Primark special at only £3!

5. Oh god it happened again. Twice in one week! This time I hit the VS sale with my sister…

6. Couldn’t resist these Pure Seduction smellies! Who knew that red plum and freesia could smell so good!

7. Silky leopard print robe. I wish I could wear it all the time!

8. Loved the Victoria’s Secret polka dot bag so much I put it on my nails. Combo of Models Own, Nails Inc and Topshop polishes. 

9. Costa just went and topped themselves by producing this fine specimen. Tiramisu cake. Cake, that tastes like Tiramisu! *Dies*

10. Really want to try out this Real Techniques Silicone Eyeliner brush. Such a liner queen.

11. Love freshly washed flicky hair.

12. Jazzy new phone case.

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Jemm xoxo 


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Instagram Diary: Week In Pictures



1. Up at 3am doing some blog writing by hand. Why do all the best ideas happen in the middle of the night?

2. Yummy Katsu Curry lunch at Rice with Mamma Smith.

3. And a cheeky slice of Coffee & Walnut cake. 

4. Scarf and bag from Primarni. £4 & £6 respectively. Bargain.

5. Latest MAC eyeshadow obsession, Satin Taupe.

6. Two new MAC shades in Pink Pearl Pop and Hue. Bringing the grand total of mac lipsticks I own to a ridiculous amount.

7. Pretty rainbow shining in the morning, then gale force winds battered the same afternoon.

8. Glittery nails. I went a bit OTT with the sparkles. About 4/5 coats worth of OTT.

9. Fishtail plait done by my hairdresser. The only person brave/patient enough to bother. 

10. Latest ‘Jemm Frances Reads…’ post. The Night Circus is a definite fave. Have a read of my review here.

11. Costa on the go. I just can’t help myself.

12. Me, having a good makeup day. Ladies, admit it, we all have them. Like good hair days.

13. It was a polka dot dress and a leather satchel kinda day.

14. Planning a little excursion to Newcastle with the BBF over a pizza lunch, as you do.

15. Les Mis, sunday afternoon viewing.

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Jemm xoxo


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Instagram Diary: Week In Pictures.



1. Skin care obsessions: Palmers Coco Butter Skin Therapy Oil, Palmers Coco Butter Concentrated Cream for Hands, Simple Kind to Skin Moisturiser.

2. Snow smiles 🙂 How bad has the snow been where you are?

3. This weeks pink leopard print nails.

4. History Year by Year book. This should keep me occupied for a while.

5. Mid week lunch. As you can see, I’m health personified :/

6. Been testing out the high, messy ponytail. Still undecided.

7. Run, run, run, as fast as you can…I’ll need too to work off this gingerbread man!

8. Ok so I went into town today and this happened. My book addiction knows no bounds.

9. Customary Costa Latte. Wish I had a latte machine in my house. 

10. This week I came to the realisation that I can actually see better with my glasses on. Who knew?! 

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Jemm xoxo

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Week In Pictures

Hello, sorry for being a little absent of late but I’ve been busy with work bits and pieces, so any spare time has been focused on that. As soon as I get a bit of time to blog I’ll get back to it asap.

L-R: Outifit: Tshirt H&M Skirt Primark, Bracelets, Lunch, Want to get a Cheryl fringe cut in the next time I go to the hairdressers, thoughts? Snap of me, Who remembers The Never Ending Story? New Topshop dress, Costa Vanilla Cooler, Lush Bubblegum Lip Scrub, Mine and Mamma Smiths matching friendship bracelets, Pink Topshop shorts, Smoky Bacon crisps mmmm, New iPod arrived so the beat goes on, Soup in a cup, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, A little lacy number, Double shot skinny hazelnut latte, Outfit: Dress Topshop Belt ASOS, My dotty nails featured in August Company Magazine, A cheeky bun treat, Latest nail look: Rainbow Crackle, Favourite Miss Selfridge skirt, Two new pairs of Office sandals the best part being they were both in the sale! Eylure eyelash overload, I’m addicted to these Costa latte’s, My curly ends thanks to this unseasonable rain.

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Jemm xoxo

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The Last Few Weeks In Pictures

Regular readers of Jemm Frances Says So will have noticed the absence of my Week In Pictures posts over the past few weeks. I haven’t abandoned this weekly feature it’s just that as of late I haven’t had much to post in the way of pictures as I have been pretty much house bound for the past three weeks. After I had my operation at the end of May I haven’t been mobile enough to get out and about, hence the lack of pictures to post. I’m not really sure when normal activities will resume so you will have to bear with me for a while, as soon as I’m back on track the weekly Week In Pictures posts will return as usual. 

Being stuck within the same four walls for the past three weeks has been dire and extremely boring, and hasn’t really offered much in the way of photo opportunities but I’ve collected together some pics over the last few weeks that represent The Last Few Weeks In Pictures. 

Click to enlarge

From the top, L-R: The Primark skirt that I’m coveting, Get Well Soon balloon, The magazines that are keeping me company (no pun intended), BBQ Chicken pizza, Dotty Nails, One of my tattoos considering getting another…, Perfect snack Philly on toast, My current read The Distant Hours, The all the colours of the rainbow bruise, Poached egg & tomatoes on toast (I’m having a lot of toast lately), It’s Always The Quiet Ones post, Gorgeous new Miss Selfridge skirt I’m dying to wear, Breakfast obsession: Teacakes, Jemm Frances Says So featured as ‘Blog of the week’ over on Le Beauty Girl, My two for £12 Essie voucher as if I need encouraging, Macarooooons!, Bean bag beans: Dad told me to count them I told him to get lost, Cake, Chocolate Pot, Galaxy Nails.

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Jemm xoxo

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