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Instagram Diary


1. Back in love with Essie’s Fiji nail polish with tanned hands.

2. I have a bit of a thing for stars and crescent moons so I couldn’t resist these super cute Topshop midi rings. (Sorry can’t remember how much they cost!)

3. Never before owned a pair of tan coloured sandals, until now. These pair were a bargain from Faith.

4. Got these two MAC lipsticks, Please Me & Honey Love, FREE, yes free by swapping 12 empty eyeshadow pots as part of the Back 2 MAC scheme. Happy Jemma!

5. Been after some holographic effect nail polish for ages. Found this one in Urban Outfitters.

6. Polka dot nails…

7. … to match my polka dot dress!

8. Mamma Smith and I at a family wedding in Southampton.

9. Family ladies together striking a pose.

10. Pretty purple wedding cupcakes, don’t mind if I do.

11. I love you too Costa.

12. Lastest Jemm Frances Reads post. The Universe Versus Alex Woods by Gavin Extence. If you’re looking for your next book read here first.

13. Current nail fashion. Illamasqua Obsess polish with a Topshop glitter fade.

14. Sometimes it’s just got to be done. Pink, sparkly Krispy Kreme.

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What’s been happening with you this week?

Jemm xoxo



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Instagram Diary & A Quick Note…

Hi guys!

It’s been a while hasn’t it? Lately the time seems to have run away from me and whenever I’ve sat down to write a post I’ve either hit a literary wall (literary, not literal, ouch!) or I have been distracted by something else. I know, bad blogger. But I am happy to report that I’m working on a post that should be up at some point during the week. 

Also, this Instagram Diary contains pics from the last two weeks as I tried to post up last Sunday but for some reason my WordPress account was acting all kinds of hell crazy and barred me from posting on my own blog. Rude. 

Anyway, enjoy and keep your eye on the fresh post popping up on here soon. 


1. MAC Candy Yum Yum. Have been coveting this for WEEKS and had to order online in the end. £14. 

2. Had my hair did. If only it would look like that without me having to do anything.

3. New Ralph Lauren specs. It’s scandalous that it costs an absolute fortune to not be blind.

4. Longest plate ever. Surely you get shorter runways.

5. So I figure it’s like this: there are 365 days in a year and in this country only about 9 of them will be sunny so you have to eat the McFlurries while you can.

6. Since the glasses cost a small fortune I better wear this pair.

7. Stop the press! A latte that wasn’t from Costa that I actually enjoyed. Shock face :-O 

8. In my opinion stupidly expensive for a lipstick but it had to be done at least once. Estee Lauder Crystal Honey.

9. New Jumper. Wallis.

10. Bunnies! Sunny day at Clumber Park.

11. Hoop earrings. River Island. I checked that I didn’t look like Tina McIntyre or a big fat gypsy bride before purchasing. 

12. Phone’s new outfit.

13. Oh hi pink lips! 

14. I have discovered the Illamasqua counter in Meadowhall. God help us all, but mostly me. 

15. Bright leopard print nails. Combination of Topshop, Illamasqua, Essie & Models Own polishes. 

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Have a happy week.

Jemm xoxo

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Instagram Diary


1. It was such a lovely day this past bank holiday Monday that I took a trip out to Belvoir Castle with the family. We had a wander round the Castle and I spent the entire time sighing “I wish it was mine” if only my dad was born a Duke….

2. The grounds of the Castle are beautiful, its such a fairytale place. If you live near by and have never been, earmark it as your next day out.

3. Been meaning to put together a MAC palette for ages and just never got on with it. My make up bag was getting a little cluttered with all the individual eyeshadow pots rattling round in there so I got myself online (www.maccosmetics.co.uk)  and ordered a Pro Palette and a 15 space insert. And also a cheeky eyeshadow (this one’s Shroom), well it would be rude not to.

4. Costa have started doing chocolate teacakes. They’re new so I had to test them didn’t I?

5. Nails. Bit disappointed with these as they didn’t last long. The glitter is fab but the black chipped really easily. It’s an Essie polish so I’m surprised as I usually find Essie polishes to have good staying power. 

6. All my shadows in my MAC Pro Palette. I actually enjoyed depotting them all, it wasn’t as difficult as I anticipated and I managed to avoid third degree burns and ruining any shadows while doing it! Winner! Only have three slots left so I better get filling them…

7. This House Is Haunted by John Boyne. Current reading material. A Victorian ghost story, right up my street. 

8. New dress. Total bargain from TK Maxx £12.99!

9. Finally bit the bullet and brought a new Apple laptop. Bit of an expense but my old black Macbook was slowing down and packing up in degrees, will miss the old fellow. I went for a 13″ Macbook Air. 

10. If I walk past a bookshelf in a shop I honestly cannot resist buying. Damn Sainsbury’s and their bargain book prices! Enticing me in. Here I have The Light Between Oceans by M L Stedman and The Age Of Miracles by Karen Thompson Walker. Think the Age of Miracles will be my next read. 

11. Little bit obsessed with my new twinkly backlit keyboard. Turned it up to the brightest it will go without shame.

12. Quick nail change. A simple and easy design that looks really quite effective. 

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Jemm xoxo

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Instagram Diary: Week In Pictures




1. Finally upgraded my phone, long overdue. Hello shiny new iPhone 5 🙂

2. My fabulous new Topshop boots. Saw them. Tried them. Brought them.

3. The sparkly phone case I received for Christmas that now doesn’t fit thanks to my new iPhone 5 😦

4. Back to blogging, expect a new post tomorrow.

5. New galaxy print phone case. This one actually fits an iPhone 5. Happy days.

6. Mamma Smith surprised me with mint M&M’s. 

7. Yes, that’s right, I said MINT M&M’s!

8. Coffe & Walnut cake. My first ever tasting. It won’t be my last.

9. How cold has it turned? Everyone should should go to Costa and drink a latte to warm up.

10. Boots haul. Tangle Teezer Aqua Splash, VO5 Hot Oil & Miracle Concentrate, Real Techniques Lash Brow Groomer & Cosmo Mag

11. Every issue of Company Magazine since 2008. Time for a clear out? Nah.

12. New obsession with sweet potatoes and salad.

13. Black and white me.

14. Mamma Smith split the TV screen in two. Queue momentary panic before Corrie.

15. Latest nails. Black with pink glitter fade. Essie & Nails Inc.

16. Cinema time with the bestest. The Impossible is a brilliant film. Go see.

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Jemm xoxo


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Instagram Diary: Christmas time.

I’ve only just got round to posting this now as I went on holiday with my family on boxing day and only got back on the 3rd, but here are some Instagram snaps of my Christmas time.


L-R: Satchel bag from ASOS.com, Bookworm quote, Sticky chicken lunch, Essie Beyond Cosy, Collection of Charles Dickens Christmas Books, Aunty L’s mince pies, Lush Snow Fairy, Nails Inc Nail Jewellery in Pink Diamond, Glass heart, Christmas biscuits, Nephews new tortoise, Visiting my nephews, Holiday ready nails, Quality Streets naughty but nice, Christmas wrapping, The big lunch, The cheesecake, Tenerife weather, Poolside, Sun Beach, On my return I headed straight to Topshop this is my latest purchase, Topshop Plume, Heart nails, Tweet tweet looking for new people to follow.

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Jemm xoxo

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Polish Post #13: Colourful Corner Dots

I know it’s autumn (or is it winter now?!) and I know it’s always ‘in’ to stick with the seasons trends, but in these dreary months it’s nice to find a little bit of brightness from somewhere so why not put it on your nails?

This design is not too in your face, is super easy to do, and is relatively quick to achieve. Three reasons to like it right there!

I used

L-R Essie Nourish Me Base Coat, Essie Fiji, Modela Own Gold Rush, Models Own Bubblegum, Models Own Fluro Orange, Essie Jamaica Me Crazy, Rimmel Super Wear Top Coat, Dotting tools (Amazon)

You can use whatever colour combo takes your fancy for this look, it really is up to you, also if you don’t have any dotting tools don’t worry, you can use a tooth pick or the end of a kirby grip. 

First off start with your base colour and give your nails a few coats (if it’s pale you’ll need to.) 

Wait for your base colour to dry then take your dotting tool, dip it into your first colour (I chose gold) and dot it onto your nails in a corner pattern. 

Then take your next colour (orange) and start building up the design.

You don’t really have to wait for your dots to be bone dry before adding another colour, just give them a few seconds to go tacky. You also don’t have to give each dot it’s own personal space. Overlap them so they look clustered together. Take your next colour (pink) and add this to the design. I also changed  my dotting tool so the dots would be different sizes.

To complete the look add a final colour (dark pink) and overlap this over the top of some of the existing dots and fill in any obvious empty spaces.

Be generous and add two-three layers of top coat to protect your handy work. Et voila!

Jemm xoxo



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Polish Post #12: Ombre Leopard Print

Ok, first of all let me apologise for the lack of posts lately but I have been busy with other bits and bobs. Every time I’ve sat down to write at my computer I’ve had other things to concentrate my efforts on. I have another quick Polish Post for you now and I will get back to writing proper posts asap. I promise this isn’t turning into a nail art blog! As soon as I get some time to sit and do a usual post I will.

Right, on to the Polish Post. This particular one can get rather messy so if you only have a few mins to paint your nails this probably isn’t the design for you. However it does look rather impressive so if you have a bit of time to spare then maybe you’d like to give it a go.

I used:

L-R: Essie Base Coat, Rimmel London Top Coat, Models Own Balearic Cool, Models Own Purple Passion, Models Own Bubblegum, Models Own Gold Rush, Models Own black Nail Art Pen, Wedge Make up Sponge.

I also used a dotting tool from a set I ordered off Amazon but I forgot to take a pic! 

I used strong bright colours as I thought it would look rather striking but you could use whatever colour combination you like.

So first of all I started off by applying some base coat, I then painted three coloured stripes directly onto my make-up sponge.

And here is where it starts to get messy! Once you have the colours on your sponge place it onto your nail and gently rock and press it down to transfer the polish onto your nail. Repeat this process on all of your nails (you will need to re-apply to polish to the sponge.) I’d say that once you have completed this process in order to get the density of colour you will probably have to repeat it for a second time.

As you can see there is not really a tidy way of doing this or a way to avoid getting it all around your fingers but don’t worry about that just yet as you can come back and clean around your nails once you have finished.

Let the polish dry then add a layer of top coat to protect the ombre effect.


Moving onto the next step, use your dotting tool (or a tooth pick or Q-tip if you don’t have one) place some different coloured dots (I chose gold) across the centre of each nail, like this:

Once these dots have mostly dried use your black nail art pen to go around them in a leopard print design, adding other leopard print shapes across the centre of your nails to fill in the space.

Give this nail art pen ten minutes to dry as putting top coat on after just a couple of mins will smudge the black polish and ruin the effect.When you’re good to go add a couple of layers of top coat to protect all your hard work! 

Now using a cotton bud dipped in nail polish remover go over the skin around your fingers to clean away all that messy polish. If you don’t manage to get all of it for fear of getting too close to your nails, wait until you’re all finished and dry then wash your hands with soap and warm water and this will remove any remaining access polish.


Jemm xoxo

P.s Like I said, once I get myself a little more organised posting will resume as normal!


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