Polish Post #7: Candy Stripes & Florals.

Since we are in the midst of such glorious weather (wonder how long it will last?) I decided to fashion up my fingers with something a little more summery. And what says sunshine and summer better than some brightly coloured florals and candy stripes.

Here is how I achieved this nail design. 

L-R: Essie Nourishing Base Coat, Essie Sand Tropez, Models Own Bubblegum, Topshop Gone Fishing, Models Own White Nail Art Pen, Rimmel London Pro Matte Finish Top Coat and Models Own Black Nail Art Pen. Dotting Tool.

I began by giving my nails a base coat, I then painted on two coats of Essie Sand Tropez.

Using the fine brush end of the white Models Own nail pen I  painted three evenly spaced stripes on each nail. Start at the base of the nail and carefully bring the brush to the tip.

Wanting my nails to look quite summery I chose a neon pink (Models Own Bubblegum) for my florals. Once the stripes have dried (about 5 minutes) I then blobbed on the pink polish in a circular shape. I put two flowers on my thumb and ring fingers. Using the dotting tool I then flicked on some green leaves (Topshop Gone Fishing) next to my flowers. Again leave for a couple of minutes to dry.

Then using my Models Own black pen I went around the outside of my pink florals and added a few lines and dots to the insides to really define them as flowers and make them stand out.

To finish off I added top coat, this time instead of using a shiny top coat I opted for a matte finish, to give them a bit of a different look. 

Ta-Da! Stripy, summery, flowery nails!

Jemm xoxo



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5 responses to “Polish Post #7: Candy Stripes & Florals.

  1. aah so cute! i have the exact same tools from ebay lol! I need to do a nail post! I’ve not done one in a while! Nice to see a fellow wordpress blogger too! 🙂

  2. God, please can you do my nails for me? you must have the patience of a saint, i would probably end up throwing the bottles out of the window haha 🙂

    They look really lovely!xx

  3. Thanks @Megs I would if I could! Being in the hospital this week I haven’t been able to wear polish, this needs to be rectified now I’m home!! & @KaKa I would love to see a nail post from you. Thanks for reading ladies!

  4. These look gorgeous snd so professional!

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