Polish Post #6: Coloured Corners

A really easy one this time. You won’t need any nail art pens, dotting tools or fancy skills for this one. Just a simple way to make your nails look jazzy.

I started off by giving my nails a bit of prep this time as they looked in need of a spruce up. I used the Models Own 4 Way Buffing Block to file, smooth, buff and shine the surface of my nails creating a super smooth surface for my polish.

Models Own 4 Way Buffing Block

The polishes I used for this particular design were black and pink but you can use whatever colour combinations take your fancy.

L-R: Sally Hansen Base Coat, Rimmel London 60 Seconds in Black Out, Rimmel London 60 Seconds in Pulsating and Rimmel London Pro Wear Top Coat

Give your nails the customary swish of base coat, once dry add a couple of layers of black polish.

Then taking the other colour of your choice (in my case pink) clear any unnecessary/excess polish off the brush and paint a diagonal line across the corner of your nail(s.) Don’t worry about getting any polish on your fingers, you can clean that off later with a Q-tip. Depending on the thickness of the polish you use you may have to go over this a couple of times to make it really stand out. Once your happy with the look of your ‘corner’ give it a lick of top coat.

To give this design a little something extra I then added some small glitter stickers to the centre of my nails. You can choose to leave out this step if you wish and just stick with the corners.

The stickers I used are not actually nail stickers just bog standard sticky back glitter circles which you’d be able to find in craft/stationary shops.

Simply place a glitter sticker in the middle of each nail putting on a bit of pressure to make sure they stick, to seal them in place and give the design a nice shine finish with a another top coat or two.

Jemm xoxo


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