Christmas Wish List…

December is upon us, today I opened the first little door on my advent calendar, (cant believe I’ve been organised enough to actually buy one this year) and this means that exciting times are ahead, because, in the words of Noddy Holder “it’s Christmaaaaas!” 

Well almost. And like any self respecting lover of this holiday season I’ve made myself a bit of a list. We’ll gloss right over the fact that I’m 24 and getting just a tad too old for this yule-tide tradition, what’s Christmas without a list?

Writing your wish list is always fun, however I do tend to get a smidge carried away, but I reckon its a woman’s prerogative to have expensive taste. 

I already know one of the presents I’m getting this year and that’s a holiday to Tenerife on Boxing Day (as far a presents go not too shabby) so I’m really not expecting to get much in the way of anything else this year but the clue is in the name. A girl can wish right?

1. Downton Abbey Series 3 DVD Boxset.

Screen Shot 2012-11-30 at 14.55.19

2. Paperblanks Diary 2013

Screen Shot 2012-11-30 at 15.00.40

3. Topshop Gift Card


4. Boots Gift Card


5. Company Magazine Subscription


6. Dorothy Perkins Fashion Collar


7. Books


8. New Camera


9.Galaxy Print iPhone Case


10. MAC Goodies


It’s always good from a nosey persons perspective to know what’s on everyone else’s Christmas wish lists. Would love to know what you’ll all be asking for this Christmas so leave a comment in the box. For your sake I hope you’ve all been nice!

Jemm xoxo


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