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Instagram Diary: Week In Pictures



1. Soap & Glory’s Sugar Crush body wash. It smells of lime! LIME!!

2.My Topshop T-Shit bargain. £20 in the sale.

3. This week I’ve been in a ‘I wish I was Megan Fox’ phase. And, when I say this week, read it as the past couple of years. 

4. Mamma Smith brought me this skull print scarf and popped it in a Audrey bag. She knows me so well.

5. Physio time. It nearly killed me this week.

6. My first Costa of the week didn’t happen until about Thursday. Not good enough.

7. Went to see Les Mis at the pictures. Best. Film. Ever. Now on a mission to see it on the West End.

8. Ok so a bag of chocolate Buttons might have happened while watching Les Mis. Might have.

9. Obsessed with this malt bread toastie loaf. Toast never tasted so good.

10. Random night time Monopoly, I beat Mamma Smith’s ass and laughed myself silly in the process. As you do.

11. Two beauty looks I love from the Feb issue of Company Magazine.

12. I umm-ed and ahh-ed over this Topshop dress but in the end it was a no. The material was way static, very annoying. 

13. Second Costa of the week was very satisfying in sub-zero temperatures. 

14.Couldn’t resist these frilly socks. I just like saying frilly socks. Frilly. Socks.

15. This is my last Topshop purchase for a while I SWEAR. Until next week.

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Week In Pictures

L-R: Trinket box present all the way from the States, Leopard print dress & leather jacket look for tea out with a friend, A shot of my super long hair, Rice lunch, Nasty cut: beware cardboard shoes boxes kids!, MAC make up haul, MAC Pretty Please, Miss Selfridge top, River Island dress, Topshop necklace, Urban Outfitter polish in Studio 54, New Topshop boots, Nails, Day time make up look, Pretty flowers, Holiday list so I don’t forget to remember, Leopard dress for a shopping day, Hazelnut latte, I want this dress!, The heat in Tenerife I’ll be there next tuesday, New MAC Face & Body foundation in C1, Shirt shorts & blazer combo, Fridays face, My nails latest look, Spag Bol for tea, Doodling stars is what happens when you put a pen in my hand, Wish I had a Megan Fox body for my holidays, Current reading material.

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