Polish Post #4: Ombre (fade) Nails

The ombre trend is pretty hot right now and it’s not just confined to your hair. Get more nail colour for your money by adding the fade out, why have just one shade on your fingers when you can have two? Or three if you’re really pushing the boat out.

Here’s the how to:

To begin with these were the products and tools that I used to create this effect

L-R Sally Hansen Base Coat, Models Own Snow White, Models Own Bubble Gum, Models Own Nail Art Pen Black, Rimmel London Top Coat. Cut up make up sponge.

First off give your nails a base coat, then apply the white polish. Usually with white polish you don’t get the opacity you need right away so it may take a couple of coats, I applied three.

Once dry take your sponge and dip the edge into some pink (or any colour of your choice) polish. Dab this onto the tips of your nails gradually taking it lighter as you move downwards. Don’t worry about it looking messy or a bit uneven, the effect doesn’t have to look perfect. Continue this process on the rest of your nails.

If you like you can finish at this point by just adding a top coat but I wanted to give this design a little something extra. I added a flash of leopard print to an accent nail.ย 

To create the leopard print design I used a black Models Own nail art pen. To get the leopard effect draw shapes like these:

Give it a good five minutes for the nail pen to dry as it does have a tendency to smudge if you put on a top coat too soon. Give your nails more than one swish of top coat to really protect all your hard work and to ensure that you get a good shine.ย 

And Ta-Da! The finished product!

Jemm xoxo



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2 responses to “Polish Post #4: Ombre (fade) Nails

  1. Love this hun! The pink & white look really fab together & I love the leopard print accent! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Love Aysh xoxo

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