Polish Post # 11: Rainbow Crackle Nails

I have been meaning to put up this polish post for a while as if you don’t have the time or the inclination to spend doing your nails all fancy but still want them to look nice then this one is for you. 

To achieve this design there is literally no skill required but I really enjoyed wearing it on my nails and got lots of compliments from people wondering how I’d done it. It’s one of those nail art designs that probably look complicated if you don’t know how but is, in actual fact, really simple. It’s also really bright which is perfect for this summer season (and finally the good weather.)

The polishes I used were mostly Models Own as I love their neons and brights. I used a Barry M Instant Nail Effects polish for the crackle coat, but you can change it up if you wish and use any bright colours and crackle polish you like.

L-R: Models Own Snow White, Models Own Bubblegum, Models Own Purple Passion, Models Own Balearic Cool, Models Own Toxic Apple, Models Own Fluro Orange, Barry M Instant Nail Effects in Black, Models Own Top Coat.

Start by giving your nails a base coat then apply your white polish, one or two coats should do as the white polish is merely a backdrop to this design. By the time your done you should only be able to see tiny bits of white showing through if any.

Next take your pink (or the colour you want to start with first) and paint in it into a rough square shape in the corner of your nails.

Give this colour a minute, just a chance to go tacky before moving on to your next colour. I chose purple, so paint this in another rough square shape above your first colour.

As mentioned you don’t have to wait for all these colours to dry before adding another just let them set for a minute so there are no obvious smudges. Add your third colour next to your first in the other corner of your nail, again in a rough square shape. 

Then take your green (or fourth colour) and paint it above your third.

Lastly take your fifth colour and add it on above your fourth. So all your nails should look something like this.

Wait a few minutes for all of this to dry. Then using your crackle polish simply paint all your nails as normal, painting over the design and give it a few seconds to break up and show your rainbow colours underneath. 

Give your nails a few paints of top coat and you’re good to go!

Jemm xoxo


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