No to size 0

If you’ve been Twitter active this past week then you will know about this already as it’s been a regular fixture on the trending list. If you haven’t and you don’t then here’s what’s happening.

Some Z list ‘celebrity’, (well actually if there was a letter after Z that would be more appropriate,) has been making some utterly ridiculous comments and causing a bit of controversy all in order to get his 5 minutes of fame. I’m not going to put his name or direction to his Twitter account in this post as, to be frank, I don’t want to. If you want to have a look Google it.

This ex Big Brother contestant (says it all really) claims to be an advocate of ‘managed anorexia’ and the creator of a ‘size 0 pill’. He uses his Twitter account to promote the pill and push the message that girls/women should stop eating and aim to be size 0. This absolute idiot has been tweeting celebs calling them fat, trying to get them to promote his disgraceful product.

However stars such as Rihanna, Simon Cowell, One Tree Hill actress Sophia Bush, Alexandra Burke & Gordon Ramsey to name a few have all slammed his actions. He has even branded Victoria Beckham fat alongside great body role model and general lovely person Holly Willoughby. The man’s nuttier than squirrel poo.

I don’t want the whole of this post to be about him as he is obviously an incredibly stupid, fame whoring individual but everything that he stands for has got me absolutely seething.

Lets break it down. First off what the hell is managed anorexia? Anorexia is an uncontrollable wasting disease that takes and destroys lives. It is NOT a fashion statement. How do you manage anorexia with a Size 0 pill? The fact that he wants to capitalize, profit and pray on vulnerable sufferers of this disease illustrates what kind of person he is. The comments that he makes are an insult to anyone who has struggled or is struggling against this terrible disease.

Secondly I don’t think I’ve ever heard anything as ridiculous as this so called ‘size 0 pill’ Stop eating but pop pills? Oh yeah thats really healthy.

I cant believe this person is getting away with promoting these pills and the idea of ‘managed anorexia’ with comments such as “I am your thinspiration, my size zero pills your medicine, managed anorexia your future.” What. A. Tw*t.

Seeing this on Twitter and reading some of the rubbish that he spouts made me so angry I had to blog/rant about the issue of the whole size 0 debate.

Who gets to say what size is the right size? Fashion houses? The media? Z list celebs pushing potentially lethal diet pills? I don’t think so. Hopefully everyone who reads this is comfortable enough with themselves to know that this guy talks total bullshit, but what about the people who are insecure and vulnerable regarding their weight/appearance?

If you look back through my posts I’m pretty sure at some point I posted up the quote ‘What makes us unique, makes us amazing’ and that is so true. Everybody is different and that is how it should be. Size 6 or size 16, tall or short, black or white or pink with purple polka dots on. Everybody is beautiful in their own way. There should be no set standard of beauty or perfection. It might sound corny but beauty has nothing to do with the size you wear, it has to do with what’s in your heart. People should remember that.

Body confidence is an issue with most people and to some extent it’s completely normal. I have on many occasion wished to the heavens that I looked like Megan Fox, but alas, it was not to be. Instead I should be glad to look like me. I’m working on it. If I wanted to preach on Twitter that would be my advice: If you don’t already, work on loving yourself.

Find yourself a role model that encourages confidence, uniqueness and positivity and pay no attention to the negative BS. Inspiration not thinspiration!

The amount of followers this person has is worrying but while looking at some of the responses (for the purposes of this post) I discovered that 99% of them are disgusted with his views. Many of them carry hash tags such as ‘curves are sexy’ and ‘no to size 0.’ I like. This is very encouraging.

This uneducated person needs hitting over the head with some weighing scales. Zero is NOT a size. It’s a waste. And given the choice I’d rather be something than nothing.

Rant over. I’m off to eat some big sticky chocolate cake. If you agree I suggest you do the same.

Jemm xoxo



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6 responses to “No to size 0

  1. Love it, and yes Ive seen the person in question. Managed to hold my tongue but he makes my blood boil… now wheres the Mc Donalds?

  2. Jayne

    Well said Jemma I couldn’t agree more on every aspect of this blog!

  3. I personally think its wrong to encourage woman to be somthing that they’re not. I think women are beautiful at all sizes. Love yourselves people 😉
    …and I wear a size 0

  4. Well said.
    Nothing against people who are naturally slim, Im naturally a size 8 myself. This man and his harmful views just got me very mad.

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