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Instagram Diary…


1. First attempt at Red Velvet Cupcakes…

2. They turned out pretty good! With a few subtle changes they will be even better next time.

3. Thanks to everyone that recommended Seche Vite top coat over on Twitter. The one that I had been using previously was rubbish!

4. Cheeky selfie on a Ruby Woo day.

5. This week on the blog I reviewed M L Stedman’s The Light Between Oceans. If you’re looking for a new book to read now the nights are drawing in read all about it here

6. Home baked scones fresh for a friends visit.

7. Glittered snowflakes over Big Ben. London inside a snowglobe.

8. Decided to give this Rimmel brow pencil a go in Dark Brown. Such a bargain compared to the Eylure one I usually use.

9. Hi pretty autumnal nails. Its been too long. So pleased I can finally paint my nails again. 

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Jemm Frances Reads… The Light Between Oceans by M L Stedman

 I was asked to give my opinion on this book by a friend who was considering reading it. I told her to purchase it without hesitation, as I knew, having read it myself, that it would be thoroughly enjoyed. Hence the review post.

The Light Between Oceans is M L Stedman’s debut novel but you would never guess so.  The story is so beautifully crafted that you would expect Stedman to have a string of novels to her name. I will certainly be keeping my readers eye out for future books from this Australian author. 

Screen Shot 2013-10-15 at 17.23.02

Having survived the trenches of WW1 Tom Sherbourne returns to Australia physically well but mentally scarred by the horrors of his experience. 

Securing a job as a lighthouse keeper on the remote Janus Rock, Tom immerses himself in the occupations isolation.

Whilst on a trip to Point Partageuse, the nearest community back on the mainland, Tom meets and falls in love with local girl Isabel Graysmark. They marry and return together to Janus Rock where they long to start a family but tragically suffer a series of miscarriages.

So when a boat washes up on the rocks containing the body of a man, and a screaming baby girl, the Sherbourne’s make a decision that will ultimately break their hearts.

Choosing to bury the body and take the child as their own will be a decision that causes unimaginable guilt and haunting consequences, not only for their family, but also for an entire community.

Stedman richly describes her characters and settings and covers a range of emotions from the view points of different individuals, while managing to attach the same levels of importance to each. Isabel’s loss and sense of doing what’s best, Tom’s sense of duty and guilt. The shock and hurt of family and friends after discovering the Sherbourne’s secret, the biological mothers sense of grief and longing for justice and a young child’s sense of confusion and loyalty. Love, sacrifice, truth and morality are all given room to play out in the book.

The story is convincingly told and illustrates how easily the lines between right and wrong can sometimes become blurred. 

Tom and Isabel’s actions speak of their loss and desperation and while half of you sympathises with their predicament the other longs for them to be discovered and the child returned to her rightful parents. The Sherbourne’s truly believe they are acting in the girls best interest and raise her in love, so does this make their actions right or wrong? And although they acted out of kindness does this make their decision acceptable? 

This is a tale that makes you question your own sense of morality and how you would act in a similar circumstance. 

Through the writing the characters come alive in your mind to such an extent that you pray for a solution that will please everyone although deep down you know this just isn’t possible.

This book is a lovely, heartfelt read. While both moving and enjoyable it will also chill to the bone as it brings home the realisation that one decision can have a lifetimes worth of consequences. 

Bookworm Business: Have you read The Light Between Oceans? Think you might give it a go? Comment, Tweet or Facebook your thoughts.

Jemm xoxo

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Instagram Diary


1. It was such a lovely day this past bank holiday Monday that I took a trip out to Belvoir Castle with the family. We had a wander round the Castle and I spent the entire time sighing “I wish it was mine” if only my dad was born a Duke….

2. The grounds of the Castle are beautiful, its such a fairytale place. If you live near by and have never been, earmark it as your next day out.

3. Been meaning to put together a MAC palette for ages and just never got on with it. My make up bag was getting a little cluttered with all the individual eyeshadow pots rattling round in there so I got myself online (www.maccosmetics.co.uk)  and ordered a Pro Palette and a 15 space insert. And also a cheeky eyeshadow (this one’s Shroom), well it would be rude not to.

4. Costa have started doing chocolate teacakes. They’re new so I had to test them didn’t I?

5. Nails. Bit disappointed with these as they didn’t last long. The glitter is fab but the black chipped really easily. It’s an Essie polish so I’m surprised as I usually find Essie polishes to have good staying power. 

6. All my shadows in my MAC Pro Palette. I actually enjoyed depotting them all, it wasn’t as difficult as I anticipated and I managed to avoid third degree burns and ruining any shadows while doing it! Winner! Only have three slots left so I better get filling them…

7. This House Is Haunted by John Boyne. Current reading material. A Victorian ghost story, right up my street. 

8. New dress. Total bargain from TK Maxx £12.99!

9. Finally bit the bullet and brought a new Apple laptop. Bit of an expense but my old black Macbook was slowing down and packing up in degrees, will miss the old fellow. I went for a 13″ Macbook Air. 

10. If I walk past a bookshelf in a shop I honestly cannot resist buying. Damn Sainsbury’s and their bargain book prices! Enticing me in. Here I have The Light Between Oceans by M L Stedman and The Age Of Miracles by Karen Thompson Walker. Think the Age of Miracles will be my next read. 

11. Little bit obsessed with my new twinkly backlit keyboard. Turned it up to the brightest it will go without shame.

12. Quick nail change. A simple and easy design that looks really quite effective. 

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