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Instagram Diary



1. Cheers! A nice cool Ginger Ale. Lunching with Mamma Smith, it would be rude not too!

2. Couldn’t resist these MAC purchases. Been wanting these two products for a while, Paint Pot in Chilled on Ice and a 266 angled brush.

3. Sleek blusher in Rose Gold. Such a pretty product. I have been using this blush non stop since buying. 

4. I already own a Sleek eye shadow palette in Au Naturel and use it a lot. The new one in this pic is called Storm. Pigmented, easy to blend with a pocket friendly price. Winner. Doncaster Superdrug please start stocking Sleek!

5. This week I was very impressed when the new A/W issue of ASOS Magazine fell through the letter box. A fabulous little read.

6. My friend Terri and I were bonding until this happened. I’m team Costa, Terri team Starbucks. We can no longer be friends! 

7. Spent a lovely day this week with my two nephews, a trip to the Yorkshire Wildlife Park then bowling, I even won a game!

8. Topshop playsuit. Possible outfit for my birthday celebrations next weekend. 

9. Nails. Gold glitter bases. Using Topshop and Models Own polishes. 

10. Anyone else on Orange/EE that has trouble with their service? My iPhone quite regularly says No Service. Then all these zeros happen. Sort it out Orange!!

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Have a good week!

Jemm xoxo


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Instagram Diary


1. The nicest lunch. Chunky chips and  a sandwich.

2. Weird (i.e. posh) chocolate brownie. :/

3. Real Techniques Powder and Blush brushes. Been after these two for a while.

4. After watching Zoella use some salt spray in a  YouTube vid I decided to give it a go myself. This is a Toni & Guy one.

5. I got sick of hearing everyone mention Sleek makeup and never being able to find it anywhere so I ordered some prods from the website. This is the iDivine eyeshadow palette in Au Naturel and a blush in Pixie Pink. I love them both.

6.Make up face using my new Sleek products.

7. It’s not like I need more but here’s Nails Inc in Victoria and Maybelline Color Show in Speckled Pink.

8. I love these little vials of nail glitter from Topshop. Decided to purchase the darker glitters after loving the lighter shades. Messy as all hell to use but super pretty!

9. Cheeky Costa with Mamma Smith.

10. Build me up buttercup….

11. Pretty stained glass window.

12. Mini Cookie Dough, bit of a let down to be honest. Only about 2 pieces of actual cookie dough in it!

13. Latest nails. Nails inc Victoria with Topshop Magpie glitter fade. Got so many compliments on these already.

14. Lord, I’m so immature! 😀

15. Another MAC lipstick addition to the collection. This one is Costa Chic. 

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Jemm xoxo

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Make Up & Me

I had a request this week on Twitter to do a post about my make up, what products I use etc etc. I’ve had quite a few similar requests in the past but have always been a little circumspect about posting about make up as I’m no beauty blogger and this blog isn’t really that kind of blog (apart from my obvious love of painting my nails,) but it’s nice to be asked and since the requests to do so are stacking up I don’t see the harm in writing this post when readers have asked for it specially.

There won’t really be any great surprises or revelations as my make up routine is pretty standard compared to some make up tutorials I’ve seen, where beauty bloggers have got all sorts of tips, tricks and fancy products up their sleeves. My make up bag by comparison is rather basic. Inside are all the products you’d expect to find including a mixture of the more pricey like Dior and MAC and the dirt cheap such as Natural Collection and Barry M.

Because I have super sensitive skin I tend to stick with what I know. I am really cautious of trying out new products and different brands in case they irritate so I have to admit that I’m not all that adventurous in the beauty department although I would like to be. As any of you ladies with extremely sensitive skin will understand once I discover a product or brand that I like it tends to have my loyalty. If a new wonder product becomes available it might catch my attention but I rarely jump on the beauty bandwagon, in my opinion if you’ve found something that works for you why rock the boat?

OK enough of the chatter. Lets get to it. The products that are included in this post are the ones that I either use on a daily basis or most regularly. I have other bits and pieces that I haven’t included but as I don’t use them that often I didn’t see the point.

Make Up Tools

Pretty standard. The wedge shaped sponge I use to apply my foundation. Recently I’ve been debating the merits of using a foundation brush so if any beauty bloggers are reading this perhaps you could help me out with the pros and cons. The Bourjois sharpener is rather self explanatory, I use it to sharpen my eye pencils! The Tweezerman tweezers were a little pricey compared to some others but I loved the pink polka dot design. Q-Tips. I love these little multi-taskers. I use them for smudging, blending and correcting any make-up mishaps.


In the first pic (L-R) my Rubie and Millie blusher brush is on the left, the one next to it is just a bog standard powder brush from Boots. The middle pic is a close up of my very bright Models Own brushes. I received these in a set for Christmas and use them every time I apply my make up. First up is the shading brush which I use to apply my eyeshadow, next is the blending brush which I use when I apply more than one eye colour, last in the line up is the angled brush. Perfect for applying shadow precisely to your lid, socket and beneath your lower lash line. I’ve also just brought a Real Techniques stippling brush but haven’t tested it out yet.

Foundation and Concealer

I will start off by saying that I do moisturise every single time before applying my foundation, because of my sensitive skin I get a special moisturiser from the doctors. Naturally I have super pale skin and don’t go in for all that fake tan malarky so finding a foundation light enough for me was a real challenge. Thank God I discovered MAC Studio Fix Fluid in NC15 (their lightest offering). Luckily I have nice skin so don’t need heavy or full on coverage, I find this product lovely and light, easy to apply and well suited to me. Not wanting to commit the cardinal sin of my concealer not matching my foundation (is there anything worse?) I use MAC Studio Finish Concealer in NC15 too. If I do have anything to cover up this product gets it done.

Lately I have been considering using a primer, I’ve been swaying towards trying a MAC one but if anyone knows of any good ones let me know!

Powder and Blusher

I love Natural Collection from Boots, dirt cheap products that do the job just as well as expensive ones (in my opinion.) If I if had a tendency to be more adventurous and was less likely to stick with what I know I might be inclined to seek out alternatives to these two products, but I like the lightness and subtleness of these two products. The loose power is Cool Translucent  and the blusher is Pink Cloud. And if it ain’t broke why fix it?


These six eyeshadows are the ones that I use the most.Working from the top row of the second picture we have a white Bourjois shadow that I use as a base and/or highlighter. To add a subtle pinky peach tone with a hint of sparkle I use Bourjois Intense Extract 03. Next is a Natural Collection shadow in Crushed Walnut, using my angled brush I dust this under my lower lash line and on the outside corners of my eyelids, the blend using my blending brush. The black MAC shadow in Carbon is great for smokey eyes and to get that skin tone shade I again use a MAC shadow in Steep. Last up is the Barry M Dazzle Dust in Gold. I use this to add shimmer and sparkle, but be warned this stuff gets everywhere if you overload your brush, only a tiny amount is needed!


Some people don’t have much in the way of eyebrows and have to create their own shape by drawing them on every time. I’m rather lucky, I just pluck them into my usual shape and then fill them in with this Eylure Shape and Shade pencil in Dark to Medium Brunette to make them a little bolder.


To get the jist of my eyeliner obsession read past post Dear Eyeliner: An Open Letter. Most of the make up I wear tends to be on my eyes and eyeliner by far is one of my have products. The white pencil liner that you see in the pic is a Maybelline Expression Kajal liner in 35. I use this on my waterline to really make my eyes pop and seem a little bigger than what they actually are. The pencil next to it (the writing has faded off through lots of use) is an Estee Lauder refillable Automatic Eye Pencil in Jet Black, it also comes with handy smudger on one end.

On my top lids I use gel liner. Gels are really popular at the minute and I love them. I find them much easier to get along with than their  liquid counterparts. There are lots of different ones available but I use Maybelline Eyestudio Lasting Drama Gel in Intense Black. The colour is spot on, it’s non greasy, easy to apply and lasts for hours. The pot may appear small but trust me when I say this product goes a long way.


Diorshow Iconic in Black is the mascara for me. A little on the pricey side when comparing to other brands such as Maybelline, Rimmel, Bourjois etc but I’ve yet to find a mascara from these cheaper alternatives which doesn’t irritate my eyes. 


Again, because of my sensitive skin I have to be careful with what I stick on my eyes but I have found that Eylure lashes and adhesives rarely, if ever, give me any trouble. I use the Naturalites range as I’m not too keen on massive crazy lashes. False strip lashes always tend to be a little wide for my eyes so I trim them off at the ends until they’re the right size as there really is nothing that looks more dodgy than wearing lashes that don’t fit. I always make sure I have the 107 and 145 Naturalite lashes in my make up kit as these particular falsies give your eyelashes a real boost without looking too obvious or over the top.


My lipstick obsession is slightly out of hand and this is just a small selection of my huge collection. These are the sticks that I use on a regular or daily basis. The MAC lippy from left to right: Milan Mode, Snob (my fave,) Rebel and Pervette which has a lovely sheen to it. As for the Topshop goodies (second pic) the actual lipstick is Crystal and the pencil shaped stick is Clueless. Next up is a clear lipstick from L’Oreal Paris. Their Studio Secrets Universal Lip Glow reacts with the heat and moisture in your lips to create a colour unique to you. Last in the line up is Dior Addict in 465. As you can tell my shade of choice is pink.

And that pretty much sums up my make up bag.

I can’t say there will be regular posts like this, it’s not really what this blog’s about, so the beauty bloggers can rest assured that from now on I will be leaving the beauty writing in their capable hands. If you follow me on twitter @JemmFrances I will always tweet about a new product I’m using and loving but if it’s beauty blogs your after I always read Pearls And Poodles and ETC LLYMLRS so check them out.

Ciao for now.

Jemm xoxo

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