I’ve seen this tag floating around Facebook and Twitter for a while now and have never really given it much notice. With all the # you see on social networks and blogs it’s easy for some of the good ones to get lost among the multitude.  

After seeing a photo hash-tagged with 100HappyDays on FB I caved in and asked what it was all about. It turns out this particular one is based on a lovely, simple idea.  Every day, for 100 days you take a picture of something that’s made you happy. It can be absolutely anything that has raised a smile, lifted your heart or lightened your worries. 

Super easy and requiring almost not time at all, I really like the way this tag makes you look at your life. 

Sometimes we can all get dragged down with day to day living, we focus so hard on the big things that we often forget about the small things, those little things that lift your spirits can, on occasion, pass you by. 100 Happy Days makes you stop and appreciate these little things as they happen and reminds you that no matter how small, we all have things to smile about and reasons to be happy.

I will be posting my 100 happy things here on Jemm Frances Says So, every day. 

#100happydays – Day 1

Screen Shot 2014-03-25 at 19.19.40

What do you think of the concept of #100HappyDays? Have you already given it a go? Let me know by leaving a comment or you could Tweet me @JemmFrances

Jemm xoxo



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3 responses to “#100HappyDays

  1. I’ve seen this so much on instagram and I’d love to try it but I’m sure I’d struggle to find a suitable picture on my days off where I’ve been holed up in my PJs stuck to a laptop trying to do my dissertation! It’s such a lovely idea though and I look forward to seeing your pictures 🙂 #100happydays ❤ xx

    • Hi Hannah! Thanks for stopping by the blog! I was the same, I kept wondering what it was all about so decided to ask then give it a go. I’m sure there will be some days when I struggle to find something too but I suppose thats the purpose of the exercise to force you to seek out the little things. Perhaps it’s something for you to try once the uni work is done? Your first picture could be of your completed dissertation!! 🙂

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