Instagram Diary…

Hi guys, hows your week been? I hope you are enjoying your weekend and this surprising show of sunshine. 

I was hoping to get a proper post up on the blog this week but I’ve had a couple of things to prepare for that have taken up my time. I have a job interview on Wednesday then I have my theory test on Thursday so I’ve been swatting up for those, hopefully I’ll have time to do post once those things are done and dusted. 




1. This is what happens when you buy your twin silly pencil presents.

2. Finally brought myself a MAC 219.

3. Myself andMamma Smith are ladies who lunch.

4. Erasers of all shapes, sizes and colours of the rainbow in Blott.

5. Got this stylish little cutie to carry all my treasures on my trip to London.

6. Friday night Trivial Pursuit with the girls. So many giggles. 

7. Decided to give the Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water a try after reading great reviews.

8. ‘I am haunted by humans…’ The Book Thief translated onto film beautifully, its a must see.

9. I’m 25 years old and totally unashamed of eating pig shaped gingerbread.

10. Not sure if my new scarf is bright enough.

11. I make damn fine pancakes if I say so myself. #TopChef

12. A refreshing afternoon walk.

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Jemm xoxo


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