Instagram Diary…


1. A nice cosy bed looks so much better with fairy lights….

2. I got these metal cut out ones from B&Q.

3.  A chocolate covered gingerbread marshmallow.

4. I Love London socks. I can now wear my heart on my feet!

5. One of the first signs of impending Christmas-ness, testing the tree lights.

6. Collection eyeshadow pencils in Vanilla Sky & Hot Chocolate, cheap, soft and easy to blend. Win Win Win!

7. River Island lace & leather crop top.

8. Leopard print Zara Basics top.

9. Zara Basics polka dot sheer shirt. 

10. New Topshop PJ’s.

11. I Lucking Fove You ❤

12. Fancy a Sunday blog browse? Check out my Blogs I Love #2 post for where to click to.

13. Haven’t done a leopard print nail in such a long time so I’m currently rocking these. 

14. Costa gingerbread & cream latte. Yes I know the gingerbread man is cute but it also has gold stars sprinkled on. GOLD STARS! 

15. Trip to the cinema to see Catching Fire. If you haven’t seen it yet go right now! Even better than the first film.

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Jemm xoxo


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