Blogs I Love…#2

This time last November (or there a bouts) I posted about the blogs I love. Twelve months on, I think its time to compile an updated list. A blogs I love #2.

To see the bunch of brilliant blogs I (still) heart, such as Pixiwoo, WishWishWish & Couture Girl, click here.

These chilly evenings spent in the house with a DVD and your laptop can seem a little boring if you’ve got nothing new to entertain you. If, like me, you get sick of looking at the same sites over and again there is nothing better than making a new blog discovery. Something different and fresh to feast your eyes on and while away the hours with. Blogs that are creative, up to date and enjoyable with a lovely friendly blogger making it all happen.

Well, fear not. No matter what your cup of tea, be it beauty, fashion or lifestyle you’re bound to find a blog you love amongst my little lists. Just don’t blame me come Sunday evening when you realise you’ve frittered away an entire weekend clicking around the blogosphere.  Happy reading.




Yorkshire beauty blogger Georgia Cutts is back on the blogging scene after a small hiatus. GRGCTTS (now it’s own domain) has a new look and lots of exciting things in the offing. From this self taught makeup artist and MAC girl you can expect loads of looks you’ll want to recreate, and the blog will provide all the know-how in the form of product reviews, tutorials, YouTube videos, lifestyle posts and Instagram pics that will make you green with envy at what this girl can do with an eyeliner brush and brow pencil.  



Twenty six year old Hanan provides you with a little bit of everything over on Lifestyle posts detailing her time spent out and about at events, from food to music Hanan takes you along for the ride with her own pictures too. Her beauty and fashion posts contain reviews, how-to’s, discussions and advice. What I really love about this blog is that the home page makes your reading experience easy and enjoyable. Each section of the blog is separated into its own part. Don’t feel like reading a beauty post? No problem! Just avoid clicking the beauty button. Feeling like something more life based? Click lifestyle instead! I look forward to reading more from Hanan in the future.




I love clicking on to, a girly, friendly, pretty corner of the net. Manchester based blogger Victoria certainly knows her stuff being a fashion doctorate graduate, she runs this lovely blog in her spare time. Predominantly fashion and beauty you will find reviews and tutorials on cosmetics, hair, nails and skin care as well as outfit and how to wear posts. But that isn’t all there is to discover on InTheFrow. Carry on clicking to find life posts, videos, travel and event diaries and wish lists. Brilliant for inspiration and ideas.

Cosmetic Crave

Screen Shot 2013-11-20 at 11.49.18

Screen Shot 2013-11-20 at 11.49.11

Welcome to Cosmetic Crave, a beauty blog (hence the name) run by Hannah. Hannah has created the only place to go if you’re looking to have a beauty binge. If it’s a new product you need look no further for ideas than Cosmetic Crave. Hair and nails are a fave on this blog along with product testing, new finds, tips and tricks, haul posts, bargain buys and guest blogging. Hannah is lovely to chat to so if you have a question send her a tweet!


Screen Shot 2013-11-19 at 19.20.05

Screen Shot 2013-11-19 at 19.20.46

Gh0stParties is a charming blog with beautiful photography brought to life by Kate. A pleasant place to visit I love this blog for its wide variety of post topics. The life section contains picture posts, life updates, tips and advice on blogging to photography to being more organised (another list lover like myself!) Click the ‘Inspiration’ tab for room tours and home interiors, head over to ‘Food’ for mouth-watering pictures, restaurant reviews and food diaries. The ‘Beauty’ and ‘Style’ tabs house reviews, lookbooks, hauls, outfit posts, affordable alternatives (which I love,) sneak peeks into events and how-to’s. The posts are endless and the blog is wonderful. If you’re not familiar with it already, it’s a must click.

So there you go, an updated look at the blogs I love. These are just some of the blogs I have saved to my reading list and visit on a regular basis. I believe there is nothing better of an evening than sitting and catching up on all the latest posts. When there is nothing on the telly and you feel like taking a break from Twitter I hope this post has helped direct you to some of the prettiest, friendliest, most entertaining and informative blogs in the blogosphere.

All the links will be added to my blogroll (right hand side of the page) so will be available for clicking whenever you fancy. Don’t forget to check out these bloggers on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, BlogLovin, Tumblr, Instagram etc etc, (phew!) for hours more entertainment! You’ll find those links on their respective blogs.

Ciao for now bella’s.



P.s I hope you like the new header, felt like going for a more simplistic look for the time being. 


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