Jemm Frances Reads…The Book of Tomorrow by Cecelia Ahern

I can’t remember in exactly what context but I saw this particular book mentioned on Twitter and it reminded me how much I enjoyed reading it.  I’m not really a massive fan of frilly chick-lit as I usually prefer my stories to pack a bit more punch, but I’ve read a few of Cecelia Ahern’s offerings now and have to admit to rating some more than others.

The Book of Tomorrow is one of Ahern’s books that I think well worth the read, with a plot interesting enough to hold your attention but easy enough to make it a nice relaxing read.

It’s also a well-known fact that book lovers can never resist a book about a book. 

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Tamara Goodwin is a spoilt brat. Thanks to her father she’s the rich kid who lives a life of luxury and is used to getting everything she wants. She treats her parents with contempt, her friends even worse and never stops to consider the consequences of her actions.

So when her father commits suicide over his monumental debts, leaving her and her mother destitute, Tamara must come to terms with her dramatic change in circumstance.

Moved from the bustling city she loves to the sleepy countryside to live with family she neither knows nor likes, Tamara’s charmed life is well and truly over and for the first time she must consider what tomorrow will bring.

Bored, frustrated and lonely, when a travelling library arrives in her village Tamara investigates simply to relieve the monotony of day-to-day life. She discovers on it’s shelves a large leather backed tome mysteriously sealed with a gold clasp and padlock.

When she finally gains entry to its pages the books clever secret almost defies belief, its magic not only brings into question the past but also holds the power to change her tomorrows….

 It’s hard at first to like protagonist Tamara, ruined as she is by the lifestyle she leads but as the story progresses so do your tender feelings towards this young girl as she discovers the virtues of humility, gratitude and selflessness.

The Book of Tomorrow contains more substance than its airy, fluffy chick-lit counterparts. A bit of magic, mystery and moral learning all combine to hold your interest right to the last page.

Cecelia Ahern tells the tale of Tamara’s journey with writing that will in one instance touch your heart and in the other make you laugh out loud.

With an entertaining cast of characters I couldn’t wait to find out how things worked out for Tamara and her family although the twist towards the end makes it almost impossible to guess.

Out of all the Cecelia Ahern books I have read, this one has to be a favourite.

 Bookworm Business: Have you read The Book of Tomorrow? Are you a fan of Cecelia Ahern? Let me know what you think in the comments.

Jemm xoxo


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