(Un)Necessary Ways I Waste Money


Not to be materialistic but we all like things. Things are good. Things make you happy. Some things are necessary, other things less so. And when you don’t have a lot of money all things are so bloody expensive.

As it has been pointed out to me I fall in to the: ‘You Don’t Have The Money To Fritter Away On Unnecessary Things’ category, but the trouble is everything that I think is absolutely essential to my survival can actually be classified as ‘unnecessary.’ Or so I’m told.  I’m not convinced.

Latte’s and Make up. Inconsequential and superfluous. Who. Knew.

I have been trying to practice a little more restraint when it comes to my spending activities, and to be honest I don’t think I’m doing too badly. I have started to ask myself the question “Do I need this or just want it?” If the answer has been the latter I have placed said item back on the shelf/rack and dispiritedly walked away. Slumped shoulders, frowny face. But what can I say? I’m just a sucker for pretty, unnecessary things.

Like for example: 

Make Up – Girls, you know how it goes. A new mascara here, a handful (or in my case a make up bag full) of lipsticks there, a bit of blush, highlighter, foundation, eyeliner etc. And don’t even get me started on how expensive make up brushes are. Before you know it your cosmetic bags a-brimming but thats not necessarily a bad thing. It just means you have a choice, and choice is good right? 

Nail Polish – One hundred and ten. Yes, for the purpose of this post I counted how many bottles of nail polish I possess and, ok, it might sound a lot when you say it like that but it could be worse. Although it literally frightens me to think how much money all those bottles cost put together. Will that stop me buying nail polish shades suspiciously similar to those I already own? Probably not no.

Topshop/Clothes – I put Topshop first as it is essentially the black hole into which all my money disappears. A very fashionable black hole but a black hole none the less. Yes I have a lot of clothes but we come back to the matter of having a choice. We also come to the matter of me just not being able to say no when I see something I realllllly like. 

Books – If you ask a bookworm if they have too many books the answer will always be no. I could turn my house into a library and fill every room floor to ceiling with books and it would never be enough. But apparently, according to everyone else, I spend too much money buying unnecessary books. Errr HELLO, educational! A) Reading keeps me quiet. B) It widens my vocabulary and C) How can books be ‘unnecessary’ if i’ve never read them before? If I was down to my last few quid I would probably and happily ‘waste’ it on a book.

Costa – Latte’s= caffeine, caffeine= legitimate addiction so get off my back ok? Although you know you spend too much time and money in Costa when the barista’s welcome you like an old friend and start to make your order before you’ve even asked for it. I spend far too much time and money in Costa then.

Eating out with friends – A girls got to eat right? 

Those, apparently, are the ways in which I (un)necessarily waste my money. Perhaps if I possessed more restraint I would have the cash for the ‘important’ things like getting new lenses fitted in my glasses and the money for a new Macbook when this one finally and inevitably gives up the ghost. The list for grown up life things I could never afford goes on and on.

I thought that writing these things down and putting them out into the blogsphere would help me gain a little perspective but I’ve now come to realise that the curbing of my spending habits is going to be a work in progress. Because if new dresses, books and lipsticks aren’t completely essential then I for one don’t know the hell what is.

 Just out of curiosity in what ways do you guys (un)necessarily waste money?

Jemm xoxo


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  1. This is soo true for me!

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