‘Did I Ever Tell You About The Nightingale Star?’

“Did I ever tell you about the Nightingale Star? Have I not? Well that explains it then. I did wonder why I never saw you there.”

“Where? What’s the Nightingale Star?”

“Why it’s the way home of course. And it’s the way there too.”

“The way where?”

“Everywhere-anywhere. The Nightingale Star is a great ship that leaves each night from the rim of sleep.”

“How do I get aboard? Will I have to swim?”

“That’s the best part of all. All you have to do is wish, and when you fall asleep you will find yourself on her warm decks about to set sail on a grand adventure.”

“Will you be there to?”

“Of course I will. You didn’t think I’d let you go alone, did you?” – Kate Morton, The Secret Keeper.

Screen Shot 2013-02-19 at 14.38.18

Jemm xoxo


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