Instagram Diary: Week In Pictures



1. Glitter fade nails. Really impressed with this polish, chip free after a week and still going strong. Essie Fiji.

2. Loving this Topshop glitter in Bowl Me Over, large and small particles of pink, purple and silver glitter.

3. Favourite KitKat Chunky by far is this hazelnut bad boy.

4. Who could resist these mini Cherry Bakewells? Soooo cuuuuute!Β 

5. Brrr it got a bit cold this week. As pretty as it is can this please be the last of the snow now?Β 

6. Sister brought me a valentine’s cupcake. In return I brought her nothing.Β Oops.

7. I haven’t consumed enough vanilla lattes this week. Disappointed.

8. For a little pick-me-up read my ’15 Feel Good Things’ post

9. Baking scones with Mamma Smith. They smelt good in the oven, and tasted great! Now I want a scone…

10. My fingernails can hardly wait for these new Models Own neon polishes. Available online from 20th March and in Boots stores from 22nd. Hurry up March!

11. I love Simple skincare. With super sensitive skin I have to be careful with what I use but I wanted to start taking better care of my skin. I brought the Simple cleansing lotion, facial toner and moisturiser. So far so good. And even better, right now in Boots, Simple skin care is on a three for two promotion πŸ™‚

12. The ‘I slept in plaits’ hair. I love this method of curling your hair as no straighteners or heat stylers are needed, this equals happy, healthy hair!Β 

Jemm xoxo




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2 responses to “Instagram Diary: Week In Pictures

  1. I’m a big fan of Simple face products as well, my skin just reacts to anything else. Love those neon polishes, will have to wat until my spening ban’s over though. xx

  2. I love Simple products even more when they are one 3 for 2! Apparently the Models Own neon polishes come in a special bottle that is meant to be kept in the fridge so the colour stays nice and bright. Pretty cool huh?

    Jemm xoxo

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