15 Feel Good Things…

Sometimes when you’re having a bad day or a bad week its easy to forget the feel good things. You know, the simple little things you can do to help lift your spirits when you’re feeling down in the dumps. No, I’m not talking about consuming a whole tub of Ben & Jerry’s or a whole bar of king-size Galaxy (although these things certainly help.) I’m talking about pro-active ways to boost your mood and make you feel great.

1. Whether you feel like it or not, smile. The act of smiling tells your brain you’re in a good mood. Another added bonus is that smiling could brighten the day of those around you too. Win, win.

2. Take a trip down memory lane. Reminisce on a happy family memory or look back on fun times with friends. Remembering such times will give you warm fuzzy feelings of happiness.

3. Feel good about yourself by making others feel good about themselves. Be it a loved one or a total stranger, performing random acts of kindness can make you feel great. Grand gestures aren’t needed, these acts could be anything from buying silly little gifts to surprise loved ones to letting a stranger go before you in the queue, your kind act could make all the difference to the recipients day and isn’t that a good feeling?

4. At the end of the day make a list of the things you think you’ve achieved or that you’re proud of doing that day. Seeing the things you have done well written down will be like a little pat on the back when you read them.

5. Stop putting off that thing you’ve been meaning to do for ages. No matter what it is, big or small, once you’re able to tick it off your to-do list you’ll feel a sense of achievement.

6. LOL. Yes, lol. Laughing out loud instantly boosts your mood, because lets face it, it’s hard to be grumpy while your having a giggle. A brilliant excuse to watch that comedy. If you needed an excuse.

7. Have a clear out. While it might be a boring task, clearing out unnecessary life clutter such as throwing out old clothes, tidying out cupboards and sorting though admin will make you feel lighter and your life feel more organised, which all contributes to you feeling happy and in control.

8. Want a quick feel good fix? Then listen to some feel good tunes. So unfortunately as much as we love her, this means leaving Adele off the playlist. Bang on some happy, sing-along songs and dance around like a loon.

9. Conquer a fear. Maybe not something that can be done in the snap of your fingers, but facing up to the things that frighten or worry you will give you a huge sense of accomplishment and a big confidence boost. Read about how I conquered a fear here.

10. Dress up a little. Use your most expensive make-up, wear your favourite outfit, if you feel good and confident on the outside, you’ll feel better on the in.

11. Exercise. If you’re not much of a gym bunny, start small. You’re always meaning to so why not start now? Just a few minutes a day can increase your energy levels, after a while you’ll start to notice a difference.

12. Make a date with your friends. When it comes to fulfilling your feel good quota friends are worth their weight in gold. They take your mind off things, they make you laugh, and they tell you how amazing you are. By the time you’re done with them, you’re wondering what the hell you felt down about.

13. Welcome new opportunities. You’ll rarely regret something you’ve done, you’re more likely to regret the things that you didn’t do so when opportunity knocks, open the door; be it a promotion at work, the chance to learn a new skill, or the opportunity of discovering somewhere new. Its one more thing you can tick off your life list, doesn’t that feel great?

14. When you’re feeling stressed and bogged down take half an hour out of your day to do something you love. Relax, chill out, and take a breather. Go back to it refreshed.

15. If none of these things work and you still need a good cry, then shed those tears. It’s better out than in. You might feel miserable in the short term but when you’re done you’ll feel a release and there will be room for more positive feelings.

And if you still want to consume a whole tub of Ben & Jerry’s and polish off an entire bar of king-size Galaxy then you go right ahead. There’s no law against it after all.

Jemm xoxo


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  1. What a lovely post, i’m now your newest follower via blog lovin. Love

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