Instagram Diary: Week In Pictures.

I’ve been rather poorly this week so this Instagram diary doesn’t contain much except naughty treats to try and make me feel better! 



1. I can never resist a Creme Egg. Fave. Chocolate. Ever!

2. After searching everywhere for these limited addition KitKat’s I finally found them and was too poorly to enjoy it. Sods law.

3. Have been loving my new Topshop pj’s. Now even bedtime is fashionable.

4. Even cake didn’t make me feel better 😦

5. Latest reading material. I love the Call The Midwife series on BBC1 so thought I’d give the book a go. So far so good 🙂

6. Me, rocking out my pj’s

7. Mamma Smith cheered me up with pancakes. I think pancakes cure just about anything.

8. This Palmers lip balm smells devine. Dark Chocolate and mint. Mmmmm.

9. I solemnly swear I’m up to no good. Sunday reading, Harry Potter Film Wizardry.

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Jemm xoxo



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6 responses to “Instagram Diary: Week In Pictures.

  1. Things must be bad if cake didn’t help… Cake nearly always works for me! Love Creme Eggs too. xx

  2. I am such a harry potter geek! I am currently watching it as I type! If love a copy of the marauders map – I’d have to get it framed so I didn’t get playing with it though! Lol
    The call the midwife books are really good – I didn’t think I’d like them as I’m not normally into books like that but I really enjoyed all three of them!

    • I’m a Potter geek too! I was a little late to the party but I joined it none the less! I’m really enjoying the Midwife books too, I’m really into books that go back in time to decades past.

      Jemm xoxo

  3. Yet to have my first creme egg this year. Can’t wait to eat one now x

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