Polish Post #13: Colourful Corner Dots

I know it’s autumn (or is it winter now?!) and I know it’s always ‘in’ to stick with the seasons trends, but in these dreary months it’s nice to find a little bit of brightness from somewhere so why not put it on your nails?

This design is not too in your face, is super easy to do, and is relatively quick to achieve. Three reasons to like it right there!

I used

L-R Essie Nourish Me Base Coat, Essie Fiji, Modela Own Gold Rush, Models Own Bubblegum, Models Own Fluro Orange, Essie Jamaica Me Crazy, Rimmel Super Wear Top Coat, Dotting tools (Amazon)

You can use whatever colour combo takes your fancy for this look, it really is up to you, also if you don’t have any dotting tools don’t worry, you can use a tooth pick or the end of a kirby grip. 

First off start with your base colour and give your nails a few coats (if it’s pale you’ll need to.) 

Wait for your base colour to dry then take your dotting tool, dip it into your first colour (I chose gold) and dot it onto your nails in a corner pattern. 

Then take your next colour (orange) and start building up the design.

You don’t really have to wait for your dots to be bone dry before adding another colour, just give them a few seconds to go tacky. You also don’t have to give each dot it’s own personal space. Overlap them so they look clustered together. Take your next colour (pink) and add this to the design. I also changed  my dotting tool so the dots would be different sizes.

To complete the look add a final colour (dark pink) and overlap this over the top of some of the existing dots and fill in any obvious empty spaces.

Be generous and add two-three layers of top coat to protect your handy work. Et voila!

Jemm xoxo




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3 responses to “Polish Post #13: Colourful Corner Dots

  1. I really love this nail look and I think you’ve paired great colours 🙂 x

    Angelica [One Little Vice]

  2. That looks really good!

    Join my blog hop on tuesday?

    Everyone is welcome

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