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Just a little Friday post to help keep you entertained this weekend. It’s cold, it’s rainy and you’re tucked up on the sofa with your laptop by your side. Where to click next?

I’ve got it all figured out for you. It’s always nice to share the blogging love (maybe it isn’t done often enough) so here’s a little post about some of the blogs I can’t help but click too. Be warned, you can loose some serious time checking out these brilliant blogs, before you know it half the day will be gone! So sit back, chillax and get your clicking finger ready…

I discovered this blog a while ago and boy has it taken up my time! Professional make up artist sisters Sam and Nic blog about all their latest beauty finds in this little corner of the net. There are product reviews, interviews with other makeup artists and awesome hints and tips. However it is the video tutorials that will occupy most of your time. I’ve lost a good few hours to the Pixiwoo YouTube channel. Sam and Nic cover everything from basic make up looks to creative & costume, make up trends, celebrity looks and period make up styles. If you’re into cosmetics then you must check out this blog.

This has been a favourite of mine for a while. Carrie predominantly blogs about fashion and style but you’ll discover some lovely beauty posts too. WishWishWish also offers you a peek into Carrie’s travels and interesting encounters. Not only entertaining for the mind but also appealing to the eyes, as the photography on the site is simply beautiful.

This is my most recent discovery and one that I was over the moon to make. On Zoella Zoe covers a little bit of everything, beauty, fashion and life. Once you start reading Zoe’s posts you can’t stop and what’s more she has her own YouTube channel where the entertainment just keeps on coming. Zoe vlogs about all her latest fash and beauty purchases as well as making you smile with some fun and quirky videos. Take a look.

You won’t find a lovelier blog than What Olivia Did. You also won’t find a sweeter person than Olivia Purvis. Liv blogs about the latest fashion trends, the up to date beauty buzz, interesting interviews, yummy recipes, charming places and pretty pictures. What more could you want?  And that’s all I have to say on this one.

With Couture Girl, Kayleigh has created a girly fashion and beauty blog that is perfect for high street shopping ideas. Outfit posts, beauty how to’s, product reviews and wish lists all work together to generate image inspiration and a strange desire to part with your money the next time you go to the shops! With a MAC makeup obsession to rival my own Kayleigh is the kind of girl I could be mates with.

Where to start with Scarlett London? Created by Scarlett Dixon and run by a team (it got that big) Scarlett London encompasses everything you’d want to read in a blog. It’s practically a magazine in blog form. Lets call it a blogazine. (I just invented that word.) Covering everything from food to fashion, beauty to events, features to gossip and TV to reviews it really is worth a visit. Click, click!  /

The thing I love about Lily Melrose is that you can always count on her for an honest review. If she loves it, she’ll tell you. If she hates it, she’ll still tell you. You gots to appreciate people telling it like it is. Not content with one Lily runs two blogs, the first, llymlrs, is dedicated to her passion for fashion and is great for style inspiration and the second, etc llymlrs, is given solely to beauty.


Wonderful You is aptly named because it really is a wonderful blog. Megan has done a fabulous job of creating an engaging place on the net to read about fashion, beauty and crafty pieces. With guest posts and YouTube videos Meg likes to mix it up to keep her readers happy. Head on over there. You won’t regret it.

I hope that has helped you occupy your weekend hours. These are the blogs that I click to instinctively to keep up to date with all the latest posts that these talented ladies provide. You can find all these blogs on my blogroll (scroll down, right hand side of the page!) I’m always on the look out for interesting new blogs to read so I’m sure there will be an updated version of this post at some point in the future.

What blogs are you loving? Any that I just need to know about? You know what to do, comment in the box or send me a tweet!

Jemm xoxo


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  1. Wow very intrusting way you said that. My weekend will be not so good going. Because of house renovation are going on… But still i am very happy n very excited to see my new house….

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