Jemm Frances Reads…The Secret Keeper by Kate Morton

If there is one thing that I love more than writing, it’s reading. From being a tiny little Matilda I have always appreciated the merits of getting lost in a good book. Curling up, shutting out the rest of the world and instead getting lost in someone else’s. 

I own far too many books for my bookcases to cope with and it was Company Magazine’s latest #ReadItAndTweet page that gave me this new posting idea. Why not review some of the many stories that have captured my imagination?

With this new series of Jemm Frances Reads… we can all discuss our fave reads one bookworm to another (I know I’m not the only one.)

I’m going to start it off with the last book I read, Kate Morton’s The Secret Keeper.


I’m so pleased that I have discovered Kate Morton’s books. This is her fourth novel and right from the first she has been a favourite of mine. Her books are easy to read and easy to get lost in, with characters and a mystery that draws you right in. Without a doubt her pervious offerings will be making an appearance in this particular posting series. 

The tale of The Secret Keeper opens on a sunny summers day in 1961. Sixteen year old Laurel Nicholson is sitting in the tree house dreaming of a boy called Billy and becoming an actress when she witnesses her fun loving mother commit a terrible crime. She will never speak of it again.

Fast forward to 2011. With her mother, Dorothy, nearing the end of her life and the repercussions of her crime echoing down the years, Laurel returns to the family farm knowing it is now or never if she ever hopes to get to the bottom of their family mystery and discover the reasons behind her mothers shocking actions in the summer of 1961.

The finding of an old photograph sparks Laurel’s search for answers and her mother’s reminiscences, which takes us back to wartime London at the heart of the Blitz. Here Dorothy’s life becomes linked with Jimmy, her wartime sweetheart, and Vivien, both friend and foe. When their three worlds collide the consequences are life altering, not only for them, but also for generations to come.

When Laurel finally uncovers her mother’s secret the truth is almost too astonishing to believe. 

I have been waiting in anticipation of this book for quite a while and it didn’t let me down. It really is a brilliant read.

The story may start a little slowly but it quickly picks up the pace, and as per usual the research Kate puts behind her books is meticulous, she recreates London in the 1930/40’s with perfect precision.

About three quarters of the way through the book you do question whether the mystery will be solved in time for the books end but everything comes together in the books final pages.

Do not try to guess the secrets or untangle the history of this family, like me, you will be proved wrong again and again. The amazing and totally unexpected twist at the end will see to that.

So whether you’re a newbie to KM books or already a fan, if you haven’t already got this and it sounds like your thing, pick it up. You won’t regret it.

Have you already read The Secret Keeper? Do you think you’ll be purchasing a copy? What are you reading at the moment? Comment in the box or send me a tweet (@JemmFrances) to get in on this bookworm business.

Jemm xoxo




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4 responses to “Jemm Frances Reads…The Secret Keeper by Kate Morton

  1. I’ve only read one other book of hers (The Forgotten Garden), and leaped at the chance to read a review copy. Is there anything Kate can’t do? 🙂 The writing was beyond gorgeous, her research was obviously extensive, and the ending completely caught me off guard! I can usually figure out the big plot twists, but with this book I was totally surprised.

    • Hi Leah, you really must read The House at Riverton, you’ll love that one. With this book I really thought I had it sussed out towards the end and then that twist really was a curve ball! Can’t wait for her next offering!
      Jemm xoxo

  2. Loved it! I did a long distance “book club” with a friend who also loves Kate Morton. My favorite, The Forgotten Garden and her favorite is The House at Riverton.
    I completely enjoyed The Secret Keeper and stayed up too many nights when I just couldn’t put it down.
    Now I just have to wait patiently for another…

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