Polish Post #10: Rainbow Leopard Print

Today we’re going to create these pretty rainbow leopard print nails. This is the first time I’ve tried this particular design and I have to say I’m rather taken with it. I purchased some rather bright Models Own polishes and wondered what designs would work with them so decided to give this a go. With the weather being so dreary what better way to brighten your day than with some rainbow brights on your fingers?!

Here is what I used:

Click on any of the images to enlarge.

L-R: Essie Nourishing Base Coat, Models Own Snow White, Models Own Bubblegum, Models Own Balearic Cool, Models Own Toxic Apple, Models Own Purple Passion, Models Own Fluro Orange, Models Own Nail Art Pen Black, Rimmel London Pro Wear Top Coat.

I also used a dotting tool. These are so easy to get hold of, I got a set off Amazon for next to nothing. However if you don’t have any dotting tools don’t worry, you can still create this design by using a cocktail stick or a Q-tip.

Start by filing your nails into a nice neat shape and giving them a lick of base coat. As we’re using white as a background colour you may need two or three coats to get the opacity required.

Once the white polish has dried take your dotting tool (or whatever you are using) dip it into your coloured polishes and dot onto each nail. I did a dot of each colour on each nail.Β 

Wait for these dots to dry as you don’t really want them smudging. Then using the black nail art pen go around the outside of the dots like this:

Once you’ve gone round all your coloured dots go back and fill in any white spaces on your nails with leopard print lines and dots like this:

Again wait for the black polish to dry. Putting top coat straight onto the nail will definitely cause the black pen to smudge and ruin the whole look. Give it 5 mins, better safe than sorry, then load your nails up with 2 top coats to really protect the print.Β 

And you’re done!

Jemm xoxo



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3 responses to “Polish Post #10: Rainbow Leopard Print

  1. You really are fab at painting nails, and now I want one of those dotting tools too – they look great! x

    • Thanks Lindsay. I can assure you that I possess absolutely no artistic talent what-so-ever so if I can do it anyone can!! The dotting tool pictured here came in a set of 5, I only paid Β£4 something for them.


  2. This is so cute! Definitely gonna try it sometime πŸ™‚

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