The Last Few Weeks In Pictures

Regular readers of Jemm Frances Says So will have noticed the absence of my Week In Pictures posts over the past few weeks. I haven’t abandoned this weekly feature it’s just that as of late I haven’t had much to post in the way of pictures as I have been pretty much house bound for the past three weeks. After I had my operation at the end of May I haven’t been mobile enough to get out and about, hence the lack of pictures to post. I’m not really sure when normal activities will resume so you will have to bear with me for a while, as soon as I’m back on track the weekly Week In Pictures posts will return as usual. 

Being stuck within the same four walls for the past three weeks has been dire and extremely boring, and hasn’t really offered much in the way of photo opportunities but I’ve collected together some pics over the last few weeks that represent The Last Few Weeks In Pictures. 

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From the top, L-R: The Primark skirt that I’m coveting, Get Well Soon balloon, The magazines that are keeping me company (no pun intended), BBQ Chicken pizza, Dotty Nails, One of my tattoos considering getting another…, Perfect snack Philly on toast, My current read The Distant Hours, The all the colours of the rainbow bruise, Poached egg & tomatoes on toast (I’m having a lot of toast lately), It’s Always The Quiet Ones post, Gorgeous new Miss Selfridge skirt I’m dying to wear, Breakfast obsession: Teacakes, Jemm Frances Says So featured as ‘Blog of the week’ over on Le Beauty Girl, My two for £12 Essie voucher as if I need encouraging, Macarooooons!, Bean bag beans: Dad told me to count them I told him to get lost, Cake, Chocolate Pot, Galaxy Nails.

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Jemm xoxo


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  1. Exquisite post.

    Jalal Michael

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