Polish Post #9: Galaxy Nails

Those of you who read the very first polish post on here will have noticed that it was about galaxy nails. Not really anticipating how popular these kinds of posts would be I didn’t post up a step by step of how I created the galaxy nails, just details of what polishes I used etc. Since then I have received lots of requests asking how I create the galaxy design. 

So never one to disappoint, here is my take on the galaxy nail trend.

Click on image to enlarge.

L-R: Essie base coat, Models Own In The Navy, Models Own Snow White, Barry M Vivid Purple, Rimmel London 60 Seconds Pulsating, Models Own Bronze Age, Bourjois Glitter, Rimmel London Pro Super Wear top coat.

You will need:

Click to enlarge

L-R: Make Up sponge, Paper towel, Dotting tool

Begin by giving your nails a base coat, I’m loving Essie’s Nourishing Base Coat at the minute. After only a couple of uses I’ve already noticed a difference to my dry, weak nails. Then colour your nails all over with either a navy blue or black polish (I obv chose navy.) If you opt for the blue you may need a couple of coats to get the shade just right.

Once your background colour has mostly dried take your make up sponge (you don’t need to use the whole sponge, using some scissors just snip off what you need) and dip it into some white polish. Dab it off a little so it isn’t overloaded then sponge onto your nails. I did so diagonally across each nail.

Next, using the same method, dip your sponge into some purple polish and sponge it along the edges of the white.

After the purple it’s the pink polish. I apologise for not being able to see the pink very well in the picture. The polish I used has a bit of a shimmer to it and no matter how hard I tried, flash on or off I couldn’t get it to show up very well on camera. But it’s the same principle as the purple. Dip in your sponge and dab the pink randomly onto the white. The beauty of this design is that the messier it looks the better the overall effect, so don’t worry about being neat.

The last colour I used was a bronze/gold. Once again get some polish on the sponge and this time dab it over the navy (or black) and along the edges of your nails.

Next up you’ll be using the dotting tool. If you don’t have dotting tools you can alternatively use the white Models Own Nail Art Pen or a regular cocktail stick would do the job nicely. Whatever you’re using you need to put put on some white dots in little clusters, these will represent your stars. 

You’ve come this far and don’t want to ruin it now so give your nails a minute or two to dry off before adding a fine layer of glitter polish to add some sparkle to your galaxy.

Once this is set, give your nails a coat or two of top coat to seal in and protect all your hard work.

To jazz up this design even further you could add a glitter nail, like so.

Jemm xoxo



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7 responses to “Polish Post #9: Galaxy Nails

  1. very cool! these are some of the best galaxy nails that I’ve seen!

  2. ooh these are all kinds of pretty! I’m going to try this! 🙂

  3. Love this, looks so cool! Just found your blog through tonights #bbloggers chat and I love it 🙂

  4. These look so, so, so amazing! I love this post! So glad I found your blog 🙂
    Definitely going to give these a try!
    Would love you to take a look at my blog if you have a moment !

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