Polish Post # 3: Glitters

Something quick and easy today folks because some days you just don’t have the time or the inclination to spend on nail art. But that doesn’t mean that your little finger canvases should go unadorned. Glitters are the perfect way to jazz up your hands and the best part is there is  little to no skill or effort required. God bless you glitter.

Here is the look my fingers are rocking at the moment: 

I’ve had a few requests to show how I did it so here is the easiest step by step EVER (brought to you on Mamma Smith’s nail so snaps to ya Mamma Smith:)

Its always a good idea to start with the products you need

L-R: Sally Hansen base coat, Rimmel London 60 Second polish in Black Out, Models Own polish in Juicy Jules, Barry M polish in Pink Iridescent, Rimmel London Super Wear top coat.

First off I painted on some base coat and then gave my nails a generous two coats of black polish

I let the black polish dry before adding glitter polish ( Models Own Juicy Jules) to the base of my nail, working my way up the nail to approximately half way. You may need more than one coat of glitter to get the opacity required.

I gave the Juicy Jules glitter already on my nail a minute to set then used the Barry M Pink Iridescent glitter above it to take the glitter coverage on my nail to about three quarters.

To finish off I gave my nails a few minutes to set then covered them in two coats of top polish to really make them shine. And boom! Your done.

Glitters are usually renowned for taking for- freaking- ever to dry but the two that I used are my faves as they get the job done in a matter of minutes and even better they’re both dirt cheap. Winner.

If those take your fancy here are some other sparkle designs to give you a bit of inspiration:

Glitter Tips

MIdnight Nails

Glitter Base

Or for something a bit extra spesh how about

Glitter Leopard Print

Jemm xoxo

P.s. This isn’t turning into a nail art blog, promise! There will hopefully be a new post up in the coming week : )




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