Queen of Class.

The Duchess of Cambridge, or Princess Kate as she is more affectionately know, has been doing the rounds recently. It seems that every evening you can’t turn on the news without hearing her name mentioned in connection with some royal outing or another, and I for one have to admit to compulsively following her every move.

I’m not a huge royal nut. I don’t really understand the politics of it all, but I do like the fact that this country has a royal family and the history and tradition that that represents. I believe that Kate has and will continue to keep the royals relevant. I also like Prince Harry. Yes, I rather like him.

Yesterday Kate made her first public address at children’s hospice The Treehouse in Ipswich, Suffolk. The speech reportedly written by Kate herself was honest and sweet and perfectly executed. Perhaps with just a tiny pinch of nerves. Well what do you expect? It was her first time and the world was watching.

Duchess of Cambridge giving her first public address at Treehouse Children's Hospice

All the recent news coverage of Kate got me to thinking. She really is everything you could want in a Princess isn’t she? Stylish, beautiful and naturally charming. I also think she is everything us girls could want in a role model. Just a normal girl who has effortlessly managed to endear herself to the public with her kindness and class.

Class. Something that seems to be in short supply these days, which I’ve discussed previously on this blog HERE. Perhaps, by looking up to Kate and following her lead it could be revived.

The Duchess doesn’t need to follow the latest trends to be fashionable, it isn’t necessary for her to wear what everybody else is wearing to grab the headlines. She doesn’t have to step out in flesh flashing outfits to get attention and she doesn’t have to slip into some tin foil (imagine!) a la Lady Gaga to get noticed. Instead Kate has a style all of her own that harks back to the good old days.

What outfit did she choose to make her first solo public speech in? With the fashion world at her fingertips did she go for a piece from a high-end designers latest line? No. Instead Kate chose a Reiss dress from 2008 that had previously been worn by her mum and pulled it off perfectly.

We’ve seen Kate recycle outfits from 2006 and thanks to their classic style they’re still fashionably chic today. Tailored skirt suits and fitted just above the knee dresses keep Kate elegant while on trend.

Lets look at the evidence of late…

Honouring St Patricks Day in a bottle green Emilia Wickstead coat dress.

Working coral coloured jeans on a visit to the Olympic Park

In an Orla Kiely dress at the Dulwich Picture Gallery

Kate wearing Label M by Missoni while at Fortnum & Mason with the Queen & the Duchess of Cornwall.

I am a massive fan. I will continue to covet her entire wardrobe even though a) I couldn’t afford it and b) would never look as good as the Duchess in it (not the wardrobe, the clothes, obv.) I will rejoice every time I see her in the media for at last she is making classy cool.

Up till now ladies haven’t had a sophisticated sister to look up too since the times of Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly. But when it comes to matters of dignity and class I will proceed with the modern mantra of ‘What would Kate do?’

Certain female celebs of the moment could do well with asking themselves the same question. The world needs more positive role models like her.

And if that wasn’t enough the Princess’ full time job is doing her bit for charity….

She isn’t to prim to kick some arse at sport…

And she isn’t above knowing how to use an iron, unlike her father in law.

Long live the reigning Queen of Class.

Jemm xoxo


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One response to “Queen of Class.

  1. Laura Pickard

    Very well said Jemm! I agree whole heartedly!

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