If I could have just one more day…

If you could go back in time and relive one day of your life, which would you choose and why?

I saw this question written down somewhere and it got me to wondering, because my wandering mind likes to wonder every once in a while.

At some point in our lives we’ve all wished that we could have just one more day; One more day to spend doing something we loved, one more day to spend in a place that is special to us, one more day to relish being with a loved one, one more day to go back and put right a wrong.

When you first consider the question your mind automatically grabs the chance, hypothetical though it may be, to go back and use the day to put something right, a mistake made, a regret suffered. But casting my mind back and inspecting my memories a little closer I’ve realised I’ve been rather lucky in life so far. I haven’t really made any life changing mistakes or experienced any major regrets. I’ve got some pretty standard regrets, for example not being more confident while I was at school, never learning to play the piano, never learning to horse ride. Far from earth shattering regrets you’ll agree.

I strongly believe that everything happens for a reason, even if those reasons make little sense at the time, they eventually prove to be just what you needed. So I don’t think I’d need to, or would want to, go back to a certain day and relive it to set it right or make it better. I’ve had days in my life that have been bloody awful, days that I’ve been glad to see the back of and to be frank you couldn’t get me to go back and relive just one of those days even if you paid me. Going through it once was enough. But in a weird sort of way I wouldn’t want to completely erase those days either as they’ve helped to shape who I am today. Besides how would you know you weren’t messing with something on a much bigger scale? Maybe you were supposed to go through what you went through to become stronger and wiser. If you went back and changed it maybe you’d knock your whole life off course. Furthermore how would you ever learn from life if you eliminated all your mistakes?

So back to the question: If you could go back in time and relive one day of your life, which would you choose and why?

I think I’d choose a happy day. A day that would need no alteration, no work, I’d just sit back and savor the opportunity of being able to relive for a second time a day that for all intents and purposes should have been and gone. But who knew that such a hypothetical question would prove so problematic in the answering?

Because the problem is I can’t think of one specific really happy day to relive. Now before you get the worlds smallest violin out and start playing it just for me its not because I don’t have any happy days, quite the contrary, rather at the age of twenty three I have a plethora of happy days to choose from. The thing is, when put on the spot, even in the hypothetical sense I find it difficult to just reach out and grab an answer. Does this make my memory really terrible or really typical?

Because when I cast my mind back to hook a memory I find that none of them are really that solid. My memories are a little like stars; they were created in the past but still twinkle to make their presence known and on the other hand like clouds; smudgy round the edges with a tendency to drift away before you get a chance to decide what shape they make.

I struggle to pinpoint exactly one day that I would go back to given the chance. Instead I remember snatches of moments, flashes of memories from a number of days.

For example I think it would be nice to revisit a childhood day. Not necessarily a day where I went somewhere or did something special. Just a normal, run of the mill childhood day. To just enjoy the simple pleasures of being a kid again where the most complicated thing on my mind was what outfit to dress my Barbie in or which Jacqueline Wilson book to read next, whether to play with my art box or my dolls house. Where the biggest worry on my mind was that Mum would call me inside before I’d finished playing the game with my friends. I think it would be quite nice to relive one of those days.

Or perhaps a childhood birthday or Christmas, they were always pretty special. Or the time my older cousin Tina took my sister and I out for the day and kept our destination a secret until the very last moment when we were nearly bursting with excitement to discover where we were going. Or maybe the day my childhood dreams came true and we brought home my dog Jessie for the very first time. Or when I went to Centre Parcs with my big bro and spent the day simultaneously splitting my sides with laughing and running away from wasps in fright. (Yes Shaun, I’m talking about you, don’t deny it, you were just as scared as me!)

But I think if I had to make a final decision on just one day to revisit (because you can’t be greedy in these hypothetical situations, just take the Genie; he would never let you have 4 wishes if the rules clearly stated 3.) then I would choose to go back and relive a day spent with my Nanna, who is now no doubt raising hell in heaven. We’d sit in her bungalow drinking tea, telling tales (and inappropriate jokes), looking through old photographs and polishing off the biscuits. She would for the last time promise to take me to Sugarloaf Mountain (because we both love sugar!) just like she used to when I was a kid. To be able to spend just one more day in my Nan’s company would be truly magical because I miss her terribly. Once the day was done I’d give her an extra special squeeze though she wouldn’t understand why and a meaningful “See you on Sugarloaf Mountain.”

So now it’s over to you, I want to know which day you’d choose. And don’t be fooled it’s not as easy as you may think.

So here’s the question:

If you could go back in time and relive one day of your life, which would you choose and why?

Jemm xoxo

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2 responses to “If I could have just one more day…

  1. Lovely thought-provoking post. I genuinely couldn’t choose – like you, at 25 I have a ridiculous amount of happy days. I try very hard not to have regrets. I’ve recently lost my godfather to cancer so more time with him would be lovely; likewise it’d be amazing to spend another day with my grandpa who died when I was really young.
    What you said about memories not being that solid resonated with me – I find that even my favourite, most-visited memories are somehow transient, and if I try to focus on them they slip away and my mind wanders elsewhere. It’s one of the reasons I’m rarely seen without a camera, I think… trying to capture a moment. Only of course the really significant moments never do get caught on camera.

    I’m sorry, I’m waffling! There have been moments of soaring happiness scattered throughout my life and I think I’m very lucky to have had so many, so young… and so I think my answer to your question is thank you, but I wouldn’t relive any specific day – I just hope the rest of my life maintains the balance of happiness to sadness/regrets/pain it has had so far 🙂

  2. Thanks for reading Carla. Sorry to hear about your godfather.
    It’s a good idea to always carry a camera!

    I like your way of thinking,its best to leave days gone by alone.


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