Happy Birthday to this here blog

Today is my one year blogging anniversary. Happy birthday to meeee! Or to be more accurate Happy Birthday to Jemm Frances Say’s So.

I'll make a wish for all of you lovely readers.

I’ve loved every blogging minute of writing these posts and displaying them for your viewing pleasure and I hope you’ve enjoyed reading them just as much.

In celebration of this happy milestone I’ve decided to link up some of my favourite past posts as these things tend to get lost in the blogosphere.

LDN Baby

Dear Jemm:  A letter to my future self

Tanning No Tar

Mean Girls. So much for sisterhood

Down Memory Lane: It’s 1998 & I love the Spice Girls

No to size 0

Listen up Ladies, be a class act

A turn in the Tardis

Shine your light


Here’s to another fun filled, rant-tastic year and many more posts 🙂

Thank you to all the dear visitors and readers of Jemm Frances Say’s So, all the comments and feedback are much appreciated.

Here’s a piece of cake for you:

Jemm xoxo


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One response to “Happy Birthday to this here blog

  1. theresa

    Yummy!!! Cake 🙂 Happy Birthday to your Blog. Blog on!!!!

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