Public figure or Public nuisance?

What the HELL is wrong with celebrities these days? They are so far off the tracks I think it would be more accurate to change their job title to ‘full time professional train wrecks’. So far off the rails in fact that I doubt whether they were actually ever on them in the first place.

I make this observation following the latest celebrity meltdown. She once sang about a genie in a bottle but it now appears the genie herself, Christina Aguilera has HIT the bottle if recent reports are to be believed.

In the past few weeks stories have been emerging, which claim that Ms Aguilera’s family and friends have been urging the star to curb her drinking and partying lifestyle. They have reportedly asked her to check herself into rehab to help clean up her act. This sad situation comes after a media shitstorm, which documented the singer filing for divorce from husband Jordan Bratman, piling on the pounds, getting herself a new boy toy and acting inappropriately in public. All this in the space of a few months. Move over LiLo.

However the latest development in Christina’s crazy life came in the early hours of Tuesday morning when she was arrested for a misdemeanour offence of being drunk and disorderly alongside her BF Matt Rultler, for the more serious offence of DUI. The LA Sheriff’s Department spokesman Steve Whitmore said of the arrests:

“She was arrested. It was kind of a unique situation as she was not capable of taking care of herself. She was incapacitated. When she got out of the car, she couldn’t stand. We had to help her stand. She didn’t know where she was and she didn’t know her own address. We took her into custody for her own protection.”

E! published Xtina's mug-shot.


I want to point out that once Christina had dried out she was released without charge (her idiot of a boyfriend wasn’t so lucky and still faces charges.) But still, what a STUPID woman.

What makes me laugh is that it isn’t like she couldn’t have afforded a cab. This woman literally has more money than sense. How sad.

I have to admit to being a little disappointed in the pop diva, as I have always admired her talent. No one can deny that the girl can sing, but being able to belt out a tune does not place her above the law. My disappointment lies in the fact that up until now Christina has done pretty well to say she started out a child star, growing up in the public eye. I have to admit that when she brought out the leather chaps I worried for her sanity, aswell as her self respect, but she seemed to pull through more popular than ever. She navigated the minefield of her 20’s without suffering a public breakdown. She grew up, settled down, got married and had a son. And then she hit the big 3-0, let the mid life crisis begin…

I hate to say this Christina coz over the years I’ve kinda liked you but what kind irresponsible MOTHER gets into a car with a drunk at the wheel? You have a child at home who needs your care and you are recklessly gambling with your life. Your 30 years old. Grow the hell up and consider what kind of example your setting to your kid.

Sadly Xtina is just one of many. Who can forget the Britney bat crap crazy breakdown? Two marriages, one annulment, one divorce, two children, a custody battle, various stints in rehab, a handful of misdemeanours, a public head shaving, an attack on paparazzi with an umbrella and the total surrender of control of her life to her father. Not bad for a Mouseketeer.

It's Britney Bitch!

Or Lindsay Lohan? One of the biggest celebrity screw ups of this generation. LiLo spends so much time in the courthouse she might as well move her shiz in and save herself the rent.  She’s been up on so many charges I can’t be bothered to remember them all.

One of many

Paris, Nicole, Mischa? The list is endless. Drinking, drugs and driving offences are all on the rap sheet. Thankfully these girls have gone a ways to getting their act together, Nicole Richie emerging in the best light as a wife and mother. Lets hope they stay on the straight and narrow.




But Christ even Disney Channel kid Demi Lavato checked herself into rehab due to an ’emotional breakdown.’ She was 18 at the time. No offence Demi but your young, rich, famous and well looked after, how bad can your ’emotional problems’ be? So what, you got dumped by a JoBro and had a squabble with your equally rich and famous BFF Selena Gomez. It’s called being a teenager. Other teens get through it just fine without a stay in the luxurious Promises Rehab Facility.

Some celebrities abuse the law and abuse themselves and believe they are above reproach. They’re not. Or at least they shouldn’t be. But a quick stay in rehab and an even quicker stint in jail (check out Nicole Richies 84 minute sentence) and everything is right in the world. They get a rap over the knuckles and normal Joe Blogs gets a custodial sentence. Fair?

What annoys me so much is the waste. They have talent (ok, so I don’t actually know what talent Paris, Nicole, Lindsay, or Mischa have to offer but just go with me as I try to make this point.) So they have talent, youth, beauty, endless resources and boundless opportunity, and what do they do? They wee it down the drain. It’s just such a shame. These people got what they wanted. They wanted fame and fortune. To see their name in lights and feel the public adoration. Well like it or not I believe ‘celebrity’ comes with a position of responsibility. The responsibility of being a role model to the fans that put them in the position they so badly wanted. If they don’t want that kind of responsibility then they should give it up and go home to the back and beyond of Louisiana or wherever the hell else they are from.

So to all you train wreck celebs:

If you cant handle the heat then get out of the kitchen. Go home, fade out of public consciousness and take care of yourself and/or your kids. On the flip side, if you really love what you do, clean up, show yourself some respect, show your talent some respect, and show your fans, the people who pay for your life of riley, some respect too. Either way get your act together. You got what you wanted, so find a safe, legal way to deal with it.

Jemm xoxo

P.s, To all the celebs who keep their train firmly fixed to the tracks, I salute you!


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