I blame Disney

I'm only just getting started...

Disney also gives you unrealistic expectations of love. Never once have I met, or anyone I know met, a guy who is handsom, charming, brave, rich, lives in a palace, and is a prince. Pipe down Kate Middleton!

It also gives you funny ideas about nature. I mean I’ve never seen furry woodland creatures who could sing and help you with the housework.

And talk about unrealistic ideas of problem solving. Never in my hour of need have fairy godmothers, magic pixies, talking teapots or wise old willow trees made themselves available to me.

However, I’m going to keep wishing on stars as Jiminy Cricket advised. Although I do wonder if you can trust a talking conscious keeping cricket. Hmmmm. I mean look at all the trouble wooden puppet turned real boy pinocchio got himself into. I don’t really fancy turning into a donkey.

Perhaps I’d be better off following servant girl turned princess Cinderella’s advice: Don a drop dead gorge dress, killer heels and an up do. Fool proof.


Jemm xoxo

P.s Working on a new post. Will be up shortly. Ciao.


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One response to “I blame Disney

  1. theresa

    What about the Beast!!! Find an Fugly and turn him into the man of your dreams by singing and dancing with him? As if.

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