The nations Tweedheart ♥

YES! She finally did it! You go girl!

Cheryl has at last, this week,  announced her divorce from love rat husband Trashley Cole. Lets face it, she can do so much better. So in celebration of this happy news I think that now would be the perfect time to dedicate a whole post (as promised) to my favourite person and the nations Geordie sweetheart. From now on, please call her Tweedy.

There are some things that I just love. No concrete, justifiable reason, I just do. And Cheryl Tweedy is one of them. So, to do my admiration of this woman justice she needs a post all of her very own.

I never watched Popstars: The Rivals and I cannot attest to being a Girls Aloud fan. Over the span of their career I don’t think I’ve liked even one of their songs. No matter how many times I’ve heard them I just can’t force myself to like them. I mean be honest, they’re no Spice Girls. 😀

It’s fair to say that back in the Girls Aloud hayday the most I would have been able to tell you about Cheryl was that she was ‘the geordie one.’ That in itself wasn’t to difficult to discern since all you had to choose from was the Irish one, the Bradford one, the brash blonde one or the ginger one. Not too difficult really once she’d opened her gob. To begin with I paid Cheryl no attention at all.

Oh dear.

Blonde one, Ginger one, Irish one, Bradford one, Geordie one (Cheryl)

The first time that I could have singled Cheryl out from the rest of her band mates happened when she hit a toilet attendant in a nightclub and only then because of the media circus that surrounded her and her court appearance. The press branded her a racist and her popularity plummeted. So much for first impressions eh?

However despite people chatting to the contrary this ‘set back’ did nothing to hinder the success of the girlband and for 6 years they continued to hit up the charts. It wasn’t until 2008, when Girls Aloud were ‘on a break’ (girlband talk for split up) that Cheryl’s star began to rise. In this time she had morphed from a popstar who punched toilet attendants for lollipops to wannabe WAG chav to Girls Aloud favourite and finally to Britain’s biggest star.

Cheryl's WAG chav days. Urgh!

Granted I am a little late to the ‘We Cheryl’ party, but better late than never. I like to think of Cheryl pre 2008 as a diamond in the rough. The potential was always there, she just needed someone and something to work these raw materials into a masterpiece.

That someone was Simon Cowell and that Something was The X Factor. I will give the devil his due and thank Mr Cowell for giving a judging spot to Cheryl who provided the panel with some much needed glitz. It was on the X that the viewing public finally got to see the real Cheryl. She endeared herself to millions as the down to earth lass who grew up on a piss-poor council estate in Newcastle, but in spite of all her fame and fortune she was still a normal girl capable of identifying with contestants. It was on the show that we got to see her sense of humour, her caring but fiery personality and of course (sorry for being shallow) her wardrobe. The glamour that Cheryl brought to the show was unbeatable with the designer clothes, killer heels and big hair. What’s not to love? In 2008 she stole the X Factor crown, then in 2009 she repeated her success to be once again crowned Queen, proving she’s a judge to be reckoned with. In 2010 I think they should build her a thrown to sit on or something.

Thank you Simon

If I am writing a post about Cheryl (which I am) then I have to mention my friend Christopher. No one else understands my love and will listen to me spout off about Cheryl like CJ.  Many a minute when we should have been working has been spent discussing Ms Tweedy and her AMAZE-NESS. As unashamedly obsessed with the X Factor as I am, Christopher and I have spent many a happy Saturday night arguing who wore it best, who’s rocking what hairstyle and who overall is generally more fabulous- Ms Tweedy or Ms Minogue? Team Tweedy all the way! (Sorry CJ!)

Cheryl totes wins 🙂

Another reason I heart Cheryl aside from all the material ones such as her to die for wardrobe, her shampoo advert hair and damn right irritating prettiness is her determination. She had a dream and she worked hard to achieve it. She didn’t let a council estate, or a lack of money stop her. Because of her background she is fully aware that nothing is ever handed to you on  plate and that work ethic has served her well. No matter what drama surrounds her on any given day you will still see her making appearances and doing her job.

I’m fully aware that she doesn’t exactly have the most challenging or difficult job in the world but she certainly keeps herself busy. As well as being a member of Britain’s most popular girl band and a part of the country’s biggest TV show, last year also saw Cheryl launch her solo singing career. I will be the first to admit that Cheryl is by no means Leona Lewis in the voice stakes but her success cannot be sniffed at. Do I have Cheryl’s album on my iPod? No, but I don’t have to love her music to love her.

Fight for this love? Don't bother darlin, I'm about to tell you why...

The next point to be discussed is her soon to be EX husband. What a twat. I apologize but that needed to be said. While I would be more than happy to ignore his existence he (regrettably) features in the Cheryl Tweedy story. I would like to make clear how uncomfortable I feel saying his name. It’s like saying Voldemort out loud. In fact I’d rather incur the wrath of said dark wizard than say Ash….no. Lets call him Trashley, it’s far more fitting. I mean what is wrong with this man? If Cheryl isn’t good enough then what hope is there for the rest of us? I cant talk for his talent on the pitch because I hate football and don’t really understand it but I know for a fact he’s not talented enough to warrant getting paid £100,000 a week. Lately the only thing footballers seem to possess any talent for is cheating on their wives or girlfriends. They get more attention due to their infidelity than to any goals scored. Trashley cheated the first time and Cheryl forgave him (more fool her) but instead of learning his lesson the dim witted footballer was confronted with allegations of FIVE other alleged affairs. And footballers really need to question why people think they are stupid?! After he humiliated her once Cheryl wasn’t prepared to let him do it again and FINALLY gave him the boot. Females up and down the country rejoiced! Girl Power! Never before has her L’Oreal advert been more appropriate. Weak, limp and lifeless? That’s not your hair Cheryl, its your husband.

Yeah right back at ya pal. Boooooo!

Confirmation of the divorce came from camp Cheryl just this week with some unconfirmed reports suggesting it could all be over and done with before the World Cup. This quickie divorce could be down to the fact that Cheryl has made no demands, not for money nor for the house that the couple once shared, and why should she? She’s a strong, independent woman.

I love Cheryl for lots of reasons. And I don’t mean in a ‘I want to be WITH her’ kind of way, I will leave that to  the boys. Instead it’s more of an admiration and respect for a woman not that much older than I am who had ambition and followed it. Shes just the girl from Newcastle who done good. A normal girl who so far hasn’t let fame and fortune go to her head. I love Cheryl for the determination she had to change her life. I love that her mum is her best friend and she’s not ashamed to admit it. I love the fact that the woman who was recently voted the most beautiful woman in the world called herself ‘manky’ in an interview with Harper’s Bazaar. And yes I love the glitz, the glam, the hair, the wardrobe, if that makes me shallow then burn me at the stake. Long may her reign as Britain’s Tweedtheart continue.

Manky? Ridiculous!

The higher the hair, the closer to heaven.

I would like to think that if I ever met Ms Tweedy, which my cousin has by the way. When he told me this my jealousy turned me such a spectacular shade of green that even the Wicked Witch of the West would have been proud, but I digress. If I met Cheryl I would like to think I would strike up a witty conversation and discover that we had shitloads in common and then we would become instant BFFs. In reality it’s more likely that I would mumble something incoherent, go bright red then burst into a chours of OMG’s as soon as her back was turned.

Each to their own opinions and all that but don’t let me catch you slagging her off in my presence. For those of you that still doubt my reasons for heart -ing Cheryl I say go back and read this post again you fools! Then make a choice. Either jump on the ‘We Cheryl’ train or get off the tracks. Tar.

Jemm xox

P.s Don’t forget the most important lesson Cheryl has taught us:

'Mrs C' Removing that is gonna hurt.

Tattoo’s are for life, not just for marriages.


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4 responses to “The nations Tweedheart ♥

  1. Christopher Johnson

    We totes ♥ Cheryl! (but we also ♥ Dannii too! – totally rocking the pregnant and fabulous look right?!) And let’s not forget KYLIE!!! BACK! BACK!! BACK!!!!

  2. theresa

    This is bcoming addictive!! Yes, Cheryl is like a glossy magazine……Well produced beautifully photograghed and at £25000.00 per issue very expensive. Count me in on the Tweedy Team!!!!

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