More dramaz than The Hills

I’m at home. Usually this isn’t startling news. On a normal day the world wouldn’t feel like it was coming to an end like it does right now when I make this statement. But today is different. This week is different. This week I shouldn’t be at home, I should be in London on a work placement at Company Magazine.

The placement was a month long opportunity for me to gain experience at one of the most popular monthly women’s glossies in the country. From the second I handed in my dissertation and suffered, I mean sat through my last lecture at uni I was on a mission to get a placement at Company. The magazine that I never miss an issue of, the magazine that I read cover to cover on the day of it’s release and then spend the next 3 weeks and 6 days impatiently waiting for the next installment of. My life bible. I emailed and called the girls at Company to the point of becoming annoying, determined to get  placement. In September of last year I finally got my chance. I’d been booked in for May 2010. Eight months I had to wait but I didn’t care, I was going to Company!

So, last week arrived (Monday 3rd May) and there I was at my first day at the magazine. I have to admit to being slightly intimidated and unsure at first. This had nothing to do with the girls there or the tasks I had to do (more about that in a min.) Really it had more to do with how fast paced everything seemed and how much there was to take in as well as worrying about wanting to make a good impression. The previous experience I had at Sugar Magazine was much more relaxed, there were also other work experience girls apart from myself. I had expected to be one of maybe two or three at Company as it’s such a big magazine, however I was surprised when I discovered that I was the only workie there.

I was given a seat at the features desk with the other features girls. I couldn’t have been put in a better place to soak everything up, wanting to be a features writer myself. I got to hear about what the girls were working on and how they were going about doing it. I came to realise that while Company was going to be a different experience to Sugar, it was still going to be invaluable non the less.

My duties covered the workie usual. I don’t get why some people moan about having to do these tasks as they all can be turned into positives. For example sorting the post in the mornings gave me an opportunity to learn who everyone was and where everyone sat. Looking through the papers for possible press cuttings made me really analyze what readers (women aged 18-34)  would want to know and read about. Answering the phones and taking messages confirming brunches with celebs and invitations to various events made me realize these people have awesome jobs! Even making the tea puts you in peoples good books.

The key to success!

Now I’m not naive  enough to think that their jobs are awesome ALL the time. While I was there each features writer appeared to be doing at least ten things at once and working bloody hard at all of them. I will relent and say 99% of the time their jobs are awesome.

I also got to help out by doing some research into certain features.  I was given the task of researching the names on the Company annual eligible bachelors list, writing mini biographies and sorting out the photographs ready for them to be judged. A tough job but somebody had to do it! 😛 (I’m not telling you the winner so don’t ask. Buy the mag and find out!) I then got to do research on boobs. Yes boobs. Never a dull moment.

As mentioned before everyone at Company was super nice. Victoria White actually spoke to and recognised me off Twitter. I could have actually died when she spoke to me, not in a OMG she’s the epitome of Miranda Priestley kind of way. More in a the editor is uber lovely but still holds celebrity status to me kind of way.

It was nothing like this

So, that was the first week. Three more to go right? Wrong. In one of those moments in life where things never seem to go as you planned an ongoing medical problem prevented me from completing my placement. Brief explanation.  Before I went to Company I knew that  I was going to have two major operations AFTER my placement finished to correct problems with my right hip and knee. However while at Company the pain became too much so my operations had to be moved forward. Gutted. Disappointed. Upset.

The only bright side to all this dramz is that instead of ‘giving up’ on my placement the girls at Company have let me reschedule it for after I get back on my feet. I told you they were nice. Every cloud eh? So once again I have to wait to go to Company, the longest wait ever for a work experience placement. Something to look forward to (yet again) I guess.

So thats the whole sorry saga. Shit like this can only happen to me.

“What lies behind us and what lies before us are small matters compared to what lies within us.” – Ralph Waldo Emmerson. Too true. Now lets get this thing sorted.

Jemm xox

P.S Newsflash. David Cameron new PM for Britain. God help us. Even the Queen thinks so.

Queen: "WHAT David Cameron!? Just smile & shake"



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4 responses to “More dramaz than The Hills

  1. Jayne Pickard

    Hey Jemma,
    Oh noooooooo!! What lousy news hun. Still, at least you can go back, it sounds like you’ve made a hit with the people at Company (and why wouldn’t you?). Lotsalove xxxxxx

  2. theresa

    I love it !!!! I will be checking in to read up on your scribblings on a regular basis .

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