It’s not the size but the quality

Short but sweet this time as I’m totally KNACKERED and I have a tub of Ben & Jerry’s with my name on that just won’t wait.


I have had a big/tiring week what with starting my work experience at Company (which I will dedicate a whole post too once I’ve finished) and generally being an honorary Londoner. An honorary Londoner, because I am in fact a northerner. I realized I had become accustomed to London life after only a day or two, when walking back to my hotel from work I found myself tutting and cursing at those people who don’t seem to understand that idly strolling along while downloading the latest app on your iPhone or reading the days paper during rush hour on Oxford Street is completely unacceptable. Move. Out. The. Way!

Despite this I do love London. I love it too much to cram my feelings into this short but sweet post. So keep an eye out for that post in the near future.

This week has been absolutely jam packed so right now I’m sat watching Saturday night telly which basically consists of reality shows. Which brings me onto the point of this post. Why am I, and we as a viewing public, so obsessed with these programs?

Tonight it’s Over the Rainbow on BBC then a quick switch over to ITV for Britain’s Got Talent. I’m not really that bothered about the BBC show but its either that or shitty game-shows on the other side. So in the case of Over The Rainbow it’s the best of a bad bunch and as for BGT it’s for all the poor fools that are too stupid/vain/mentally unstable to know that the country is p*ssing themselves at their expense. These shows pass the time.All the Over The Rainbow’s, Britain’s Got Talent’s and Dancing On Ices’ are just the warm up acts for the big one. The X Factor.

The Big One

Now there’s a reality show I could really go to town on. I’m obsessed. Every year I promise myself I will not be drawn in like last time, yet there I am every summer glued to the TV. Sucked in yet again. It just has it all: the good, the bad, the crazy, the ugly and the Cheryl Tweedy. God bless her.

The Queen of the X

My jealousy and love for Cheryl cannot be contained in this post, she deserves one all of her own.  And as Cheryl has promised to be there this year so shall I.

Small post but a worthy one non the less.

Ciao for now.

Jemm xoxo



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2 responses to “It’s not the size but the quality

  1. Christopher Johnson

    You will SOOOOOOOOOO be pulled in 2 x factor! Don’t bother fighting it!!! Christmas time wouldn’t be the same without our X factor conversations! Flex the X!!!!

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