Ok so here we go. Blog post numero uno. I have perviously written a blog before if you can call a random bunch of not very often posts a blog. I promise not to neglect this blog and I promise to update it often, as to be honest, I really quite like it. Previous attempts have looked a bit rubbish compared to this so I found it hard to muster up the motivation to keep them going. However since this blog is more attractive I solemnly promise to make an effort. I’m shallow like that.

Right, now the formal bit is over and done with I will introduce myself. I’m Jemma Smith but my friends call me Jemm so please feel free. I am a 21 year old Journalism graduate from Doncaster (that’s a whole other post, all I will say is please don’t hold it against me) I learnt my trade at The University of Lincoln where I scored a 2:1 (almost a 1st!) so hopefully that means I possess some talent for this writing malarky.

My ultimate ambition is to become a Features Writer for a women’s glossy and a General-Jazz-Handed-Magazine-Journalist-Extraordinaire 🙂 And what better way to flex my writing skills and put me on the road to success than a blog? I’m not very technologically minded (so excuse the odd cock up) but I heard blogs are all the rage these days. In this blog I will be writing about anything and everything and generally just having my say. From my quest to success to my opinions on books, fashions, music, telly and life to my love for celeb’s (esp Cheryl Cole!) to me ranting about things that I hate, expect it all. And don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Introductions and explanations over with lets deal with where I’m at with becoming a General-Jazz-Handed-Magazine…ok you get the point. Since leaving university I have done some work experience at Sugar Magazine, a mag for teen girls in London (Loves!)

Sugar Mag, my 1st magazine experience

Since this was my first foray into the world of magazines I was more than a little nervous. Having seen films like ‘The Devil Wears Prada’ and ’13 going on 30′ and also being more than slightly obsessed with ‘The Hills’ I had high expectations of magazine offices being full of fashion obsessed glamourzon bitches who would rather stab you in the back than have a conversation to your face. Either that or they would be full of pretty reality TV stars making me feel insecure. I am, however, pleased to report that neither of these stereotypical scenarios are true. The girls (and guy) at Sugar were amazingly lovely and helpful. Never before had I experienced the pleasure of actually enjoying being at work. By the end of my Sugar experience I knew my JoBros from my Zefon’s, my R-Patz’ from my T-Swizzle and my Twilight from my True Blood. I also knew which colour matched each JLS boy. Beat that.

Right now I am sat in my London hotel room, writing this, my very first blog the night before I start a month long internship at Company Magazine. COMPANY FREAKING MAGAZINE!

Company Mag, my bible!

My absolute dream is to one day write for Company, so getting this experience is nothing short of a-ma-zing! Getting this chance is a dream come true (corny perhaps but honest.) Slightly nervous but my time at Sugar has taught me that nothing is ever as scary as it seems and even if it is a bit scary, it’s worth it in the end. If you don’t go for it you’ll never get it, right? So tomorrow I will be going for it and giving it my all.

I will be diligently obeying the rules of a magazine workie: Always smile, never complain, do as your told and always smile.

So here we are on the eve of it all. Wish me luck.

Jemm xoxo


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